Monday, March 30, 2015

Hittin' Up Catanduanes Isle

So the highlight of this week was definitely going to Catanduanes Island and going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders there. We actually got delayed a day before we were able to get there. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning and went to Tabaco, a port city near Legazpi. When we got there we found out that we weren't able to get the truck on the boat because they were already over-booked. Soooooo we went all the way back home and didn't sleep the whole day, and it was the best... So the next day we tried again and thankfully by the grace and kindness of the Loading Director, we got on. So then we got to the Island and did some good work there with the ZL's. I got to see my Trainer (Elder Yu) while I was there. He's training a Filipino kid right now. And also I beat him in Basketball 1x1...again. While on the Exchanges we had a crazy funny experience happen. Elder Olayao is the Elder I was with, and we were contacting a referral at the time. We ended up finding the Nanay that we were looking for around the corner from her house, taking cover under a tree from the rain. As we approached her the member that was working with us jumped back and yelled "AHAS!" which is Snake in Tagalog. We looked down at her feet and there was this big ole snake just sitting there! So we grabbed her and pulled her away, but after we got to looking at it, it turned out to be dead. Which is the reason she didn't notice it, because she told us after that she thought it was a stick haha. We cracked up for a minute with her about it. I got some pics of the snake, I'll try to upload them soon. All in all it was a fun exchange, it was my first time being on Cat's too. Other than all that its been a normal week of work and the sort. Oh man I can't believe Elder Tevaga goes home in a week! So crazy, times to fast. This week we start Transfer Planning with President, that means Work and Stress! Can't wait.
    Elder Akins

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