Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

Well its gonna be a short one this week. I got called as District Leader this Transfer so thats gonna be fun...alongside Training I'm in for a ride. But we'll get er done no prob. It was tough saying bye to my bro Elder Tevaga on Tuesday...then it got good when they called him as AP in the Ward next to us ha. I've seen him a few times around, looks like he's having a blast driving the Mission Car around. I always ask him if I can take it for a spin ha denied everytime. Never know though. I gave my 1st District Meeting as DL, it went pretty good. The father of our investigator family, the Magallons, went to the hospital this week for low blood. But we went over and gave him a blessing and now he's back home doing good. It was his birthday on Friday too so we went to their house and wished him a Happy Birthday and taught them a quick lesson on Faith and Repentance. They are doing so good, I can't wait for their Baptism! We are planning on the 15th of November right now, hope it all comes together. I got a package from home too this week, sure was a booster. Thanks for the Chex Mix Mom that was the best. I didn't get any Skittles, my dang Comp loves them to much ha. And the AP's broke my package open after they called me to come pick it up so I lost a little candy and my football. I'll get it back this week ha. We had a great turn out at Church this week too. We had 7 Investigators and 12 Less-Actives come! Not much else went down. Just another solid week in the Mish. Hope everyone enjoys Halloween. Watch some good scary movies for me ha! And Mom tell Ally she can't go Trick or Treating anymore, shes to old haha!
Love Elder Akins

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crazy Week

Ha I had a bunch of interesting experiences this past week, but that's what the Mish is all about right?! Well our last PDay was legit. We went to the Cagsawa Ruins. For those who don't know what that is, its an old Catholic Cathedral that got destroyed from Mount Mayon (the Volcano) about 200 years ago. The towns people ran inside, which was the exact opposite of what they should have done because its close to the volcano so ya they didn't make it. But the ruins are still there and its super cool. I'll send some pics. The next morning we all (the Americans) decided we were all fat so we went jogging really early and worked out hard. After we were throwing this football we got in the street outside our house and our big Linebacker Poly kid from Cali that plays at BYU (E. Lesatele) decides he's a decent QB so he chucks one long to me...the ball falls like a duck and bounces off the top of our neighbors tricyee and smashes the window of his other tricyee haha. All of the tricyee drivers that were by-standing watching us just started busting up laughing! Its a good thing that this ain't America, the owner was suprisingly happy we broke it haha he got a free new one! He's a nice old guy so he just laughed about it as we looked it over. I got that letter package you sent me Mom too, thanks it came in real handy this week. I snagged a flu for a day or two and I loved reading all of the Family History stuff! The bad part of that day, besides my awesome flu symptoms (guess), I realized that that day was Opening Day of the Deer not only was I sick, but trunky as well as I watched the clock spiral down to the hours of morning over there at you guys. All I could think about was how many bucks were hittin' the dirt that morning, man I miss it. But its all good, because on Sunday the Magallon's came to church again! Brother didn't make it because he was sick, but they are getting closer to their Baptismal Date. We reset it to November 8th so hopefully they'll be ready. And we had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation, we talked about how Families Can Be Together Forever too. It was the bomb. Well this weeks transfers, and I got a sneak peek of whats in store. Elder Tevaga, my buddy, is leaving us...but he's still gonna be in my District because he will be the new AP. And I may or may not be the new District Leader so I'm pretty nervous. We have all of the types of Leaders you can have in a District so its gonna be tough! Wish me luck!

Love, Elder Akins

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

General Conference - October 2014

Well it was a pretty slow week. We only got to teach the Magallon Family once this week so I was pretty peeved about that. Hopefully they'll get more time this week. But when we were there they had broken out their highlighters and what not and were totally into the lesson, they're the best! I'm gonna be so mad/sad if I'm not here when they get baptized. I want it more than ever! We had a Lunar Eclipse this past week, but I didn't see nothing. But we did see a lot of shooting stars when the whole city shut the power off on Wednesday...thats normal though now. As long as we get it back by 10:30 we're good. It did it again on Monday (which is why I'm emailing on Tuesday), but this time it didn't come back on. I didn't hardly sleep that night, so hot with Mayon gettin ready to pop and all the mosquitoes. I hate those things. Just gotta love the Mish! I made some dang good Adobo this week too, can't wait to make it for y'all when I get back! But the best thing that happened this week was General Conference! As described by my buddy here Elder Tevaga, " General Conference is like a Birthday Party for Missionaries!" 

Although that's way random, its definately true. I've come to love it so much on my Mish! And especially this one, I received answers to my Prayers of what to do after the Mish. And I totally believe that God answers prayers! It worked for me haha. Well all is well here, Mom the Eruptions not going to be huge so relax! I'll be fine, the Lord is on my side!

Elder Akins CC

Monday, October 6, 2014

Slow Week

We had a pretty slow week. We had lots of meetings for New Missionary Training, Zone Training, stuff like that. So we didn't get a ton of time to work our tails off, but we still got some good stuff in. Like for example, yesterday we had the Magallon Family attend Church for the 1st time! We were super happy, even though they showed up right as we were about to start the Sacrament, we got them all situated and what not. Our Bishop's family has really been doing a grteat job of fellowshipping them. Their 2 daughters took the Magallon girls to Youth class and I think they really enjoyed it. I hope they come next Sunday...and for all the Sundays after that. I'm so happy God's placed them in my path. Also this week I got my 1 Year De-Worming Pill. Well so far all is well, just keep prayin' Mom! I also heard one of my old Comps, Elder Vaki, is doing work in the Music Industry. Ally you should look him up. I'm not sure how maybe just Google, look up Samuel Vaki. I heard the songs good so I don't know ha. We've been trying to teach this old guy who lives on the mountain near our apartment, but the only problem is I can't understand him. I feel like I'm back in my Training haha and my comps having a hard time too. The guy is from Masbate which is technically Bicol Region but they speak Cebuano there. He also mixes what he says with Bicol and Tagalog so basically I just die everytime he says something. And he's got a lot to say haha his beliefs are pretty crazy. But its all good, glad he lets us teach him ha. He got mad at me for not having a Tagalog Bible, but when I asked him if he had one he said he gave it to his buddy down the road...ha ok why you gettin' mad at me?! Man gotta love these guys! But me and my comp are getting along great and are workin' hard. I'm trying to stay up and keep on pushing forward...its gonna be hard this next little month or so with the Hunt and all haha. I just want all my buddies back at home to know how much I love em! I miss you guys, and especially my Boys out here. Keep doing work guys! Love you all.

Elder Akins