Monday, October 20, 2014

Crazy Week

Ha I had a bunch of interesting experiences this past week, but that's what the Mish is all about right?! Well our last PDay was legit. We went to the Cagsawa Ruins. For those who don't know what that is, its an old Catholic Cathedral that got destroyed from Mount Mayon (the Volcano) about 200 years ago. The towns people ran inside, which was the exact opposite of what they should have done because its close to the volcano so ya they didn't make it. But the ruins are still there and its super cool. I'll send some pics. The next morning we all (the Americans) decided we were all fat so we went jogging really early and worked out hard. After we were throwing this football we got in the street outside our house and our big Linebacker Poly kid from Cali that plays at BYU (E. Lesatele) decides he's a decent QB so he chucks one long to me...the ball falls like a duck and bounces off the top of our neighbors tricyee and smashes the window of his other tricyee haha. All of the tricyee drivers that were by-standing watching us just started busting up laughing! Its a good thing that this ain't America, the owner was suprisingly happy we broke it haha he got a free new one! He's a nice old guy so he just laughed about it as we looked it over. I got that letter package you sent me Mom too, thanks it came in real handy this week. I snagged a flu for a day or two and I loved reading all of the Family History stuff! The bad part of that day, besides my awesome flu symptoms (guess), I realized that that day was Opening Day of the Deer not only was I sick, but trunky as well as I watched the clock spiral down to the hours of morning over there at you guys. All I could think about was how many bucks were hittin' the dirt that morning, man I miss it. But its all good, because on Sunday the Magallon's came to church again! Brother didn't make it because he was sick, but they are getting closer to their Baptismal Date. We reset it to November 8th so hopefully they'll be ready. And we had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation, we talked about how Families Can Be Together Forever too. It was the bomb. Well this weeks transfers, and I got a sneak peek of whats in store. Elder Tevaga, my buddy, is leaving us...but he's still gonna be in my District because he will be the new AP. And I may or may not be the new District Leader so I'm pretty nervous. We have all of the types of Leaders you can have in a District so its gonna be tough! Wish me luck!

Love, Elder Akins

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