Monday, July 28, 2014

Typhoon Glenda

Well I just wrote this and then it deleted itself so thats cool. But anyways yes I'm still alive haha. The Typhoon was crazy! So heres how it went down. The whole day we were waiting for the storm to hit. Mostly I just read, slept and ate rice. I love rice haha! At about 4 or 5 the storm hit us. Most of the day it just dumped buckets. But when the typhoon hit us it was all wind! It was crazy. We only had water come into our apartment, maybe 2 or 3 inches. It came under the doors and window panes. One time our upstairs doors busted open too!

Luckily I had my towel over my desk so none of my stuff got ruined. Me and my comp just held the doors shut for like an hour or so. The wind was so strong! I couldn't believe the force it had! It all ended at about 6 or 7 so we cleaned up a little and went to bed. The next morning things looked a lot different than they did before. If you've ever seen the movie "The Other Side of Heaven" at the part when they come out after the storm, thats what it looked like. There was fruit all over the ground, as well as trees, peoples houses, all sorts of stuff. Mostly everyone in our Branch was affected, some people even lost their houses. So mostly we've just done service for 2 weeks haha.

Our area is mostly cement houses, so we didn't have as much. We cleaned up the church a lot actually. I didn't hear of any deaths, but a lot of people don't have a house right now. Its good that we are here though to help clean up and help people haha. I remember after the storm everyone was just outside looking at everything and at each other haha. We ran down to a members house that lives close to us, luckily their wooden house was still standing. I've seen a lot of miracles and mercies from the Lord on my Mission, but there is no way their house should still be standing! They were so happy haha. These past 2 weeks I've gotten used to sleeping with no fan because there isn't any power. Also the mosquitos, but I've gotten a few bites haha.

The worlds worst sound now is a mosquito flying by your ear when you are asleep. I've also had some run ins with spiders at night now that I don't have a fan. I'll spare Dad by not telling those ones haha.

Well not much has happened. I'm gonna be transferring tomorrow. My trainer and one of the Americans that was back in Gubat with me are the APs, as well as I've got lots of friends at the Office. They told me I'm gonna like my Transfer so we'll see. I'm just happy I'm finally leaving Sorsogon Zone haha I've been here almost 1 year haha! Maybe I'll go to Bataan Island. They don't have power, but they do have bikes! I'm definitely down for a bike! Haha wish me luck!

Love Elder Akins

Monday, July 14, 2014

Typhoon Glenda at the Door! Whoohoo!

Yep right now we got ourselves another nice Typhoon headed our direction. Luckily its not supposed to be as big as Yolanda, the last one, so we aren't to nervous...Mom don't be nervous either. Well our area is still progressing and doing great! Hopefully before I leave I'll be able to snag one of the 15 or so Baptismal Canidates we are working with. I came into this area with little to none Investigators, and I'll probably leave with same Baptisms haha but that's ok I've done my part here I guess. My favorite Investigator, Brother Robert and his wife Rose, are still doing way good! We just got done teaching the Plan of Salvation to them and I definitely saw some of the blessings that President Frei gave to me when he set me apart! So awesome to see them fulfilled! Haha hopefully Mom won't wig out on this next one, but anyways our neighbors got robbed the other day haha and ya they took like over 300 dollars and some other things that I won't include so she doesn't wig. But we got some nice locks on all of our doors and stuff so we are good. On the way to one of our appointments we met some guys trying to drop a nice big ole Mango Tree so we lent a hand a helped em drop er. It was pretty fun tuggin on a rope then running for our lives haha. Actually the tree fell to the side more and almost took out a wall and caught the powerlines. But its okay, its the Philippines, the power going out is a normal everyday thing so its okay. They appreciated our help, even got some compliments on my strength...must be all of the rice. Also this week we were the big news on a Baptist Radio Station. They really don't like us haha. Well  I've decided that I can sleep through anything now. Outside of our apartment we have a few Roosters that crow ever hours or so, a puppy that whines all the time and barks at the other mutts across the street, billions of tricyees that have way ghetto mufflers, and our next door neighbor who almost snoors as loud as Dad. I think I can probably sleep in the same room as him now haha. Well that's all I've got for you guys. Please be praying for us here. The storm shouldn't be too bad, but if not I love you all! Haha Mom don't wig!
Elder Jake Akins

Monday, July 7, 2014

First 4th of July Not in the US of A

Rough week, but there was still some good in it. One of my Batchmates, Elder Skeen, who has been in Sorsogon Zone the same amount of time as me, 10 months, had to go home because he needs surgery on his back. He's had a pretty rough time so I feel really bad for him. I hope he comes back, really stinks. On Teusday we walked our whole are like 4 times back and forth, and its wide let me tell you. My knees and ankles were aching after, man it was bad. Don't know if I can ever make a 50 miler again haha. And nothing happened on the 4th...except we had Zone Training and all of the Americans stood at the front and sang the Star-Spangled Banner. It was pretty legit. The good news for the week was we had 5 investigators come to Church! 1 of them we hadn't meet, a member just brought her so we are pretty excited about teaching here next week. Today we played Basketball with one of our investigators, Brother Robert, on one of the street hoops by his house. Their hoops are so ghetto haha takes me back to the days of repping Kade Bunting on my Nerf Hoop in my room haha. After we went and ate Buko, Coconut, with one of the members who lives close to our house. He took us to his families house way out in the sticks and helped them cut the Coconuts off of the trees and dehusk them. I love Buko! Can't believe I hated it before the Mission haha. Also this week I tried Avocado for the first time haha yep I've never eaten Guacamole in my life so I was pretty stoked. It wasn't too bad with a little sugar on her haha. Well not much else. Loving life as a Servant of the Lord. Love you guys. Take care this week.
Elder Akins
Happy BDay to the Best Country in the World
Love some lost Americans