Monday, March 30, 2015

Hittin' Up Catanduanes Isle

So the highlight of this week was definitely going to Catanduanes Island and going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders there. We actually got delayed a day before we were able to get there. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning and went to Tabaco, a port city near Legazpi. When we got there we found out that we weren't able to get the truck on the boat because they were already over-booked. Soooooo we went all the way back home and didn't sleep the whole day, and it was the best... So the next day we tried again and thankfully by the grace and kindness of the Loading Director, we got on. So then we got to the Island and did some good work there with the ZL's. I got to see my Trainer (Elder Yu) while I was there. He's training a Filipino kid right now. And also I beat him in Basketball 1x1...again. While on the Exchanges we had a crazy funny experience happen. Elder Olayao is the Elder I was with, and we were contacting a referral at the time. We ended up finding the Nanay that we were looking for around the corner from her house, taking cover under a tree from the rain. As we approached her the member that was working with us jumped back and yelled "AHAS!" which is Snake in Tagalog. We looked down at her feet and there was this big ole snake just sitting there! So we grabbed her and pulled her away, but after we got to looking at it, it turned out to be dead. Which is the reason she didn't notice it, because she told us after that she thought it was a stick haha. We cracked up for a minute with her about it. I got some pics of the snake, I'll try to upload them soon. All in all it was a fun exchange, it was my first time being on Cat's too. Other than all that its been a normal week of work and the sort. Oh man I can't believe Elder Tevaga goes home in a week! So crazy, times to fast. This week we start Transfer Planning with President, that means Work and Stress! Can't wait.
    Elder Akins

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots of Driving

This week we did lots of driving with having to move Elder's to different area's and stuff. One day I did a total of 7 hours driving. It was crazy. At least now I know I can make it up to Grandpa and Grandma Davis in a day. We went to the southern part of our mission that day and I got to drive through Gubat my first area. The only person I saw was Tatay Pimentel who was standing in his doorway at their house. Sadly I didn't get to stop and talk though, hopefully next time. I miss that family so much. And they'd be so surprised at my Tagalog now because back then I sounded like a baby trying to talk to them ha. While driving on a different day we had a drunk Tatay stumble out onto the highway ha luckily we swerved and missed him. And that morning we also got a nice little wake up call from seeing a crazy naked guy cross the road in front of us! Ha all we could do was just yell "OOOHHHH!" in the car and laugh till we cried. This place is so crazy. I'm trying real hard to step up into my position, its hard though. Sometimes its chill, but other times I'm on the hot seat. We also went on Exchanges this Saturday with the Zone Leaders in Tabaco, and Elder Decicio made some good food for us! Oh how I miss Filipino Traditional foods. We don't get to eat Rice and stuff a lot here in the Office so when we do I eat till it hurts! Oh its to good haha. Well hope everyones doing good and hanging in there! I love you all!
Elder Akins

Monday, March 16, 2015

MLC and Other Stuff That Happened This Week

Well it was kinda boring here this week. For the most part. We had a Missionary Leadership Council with all the Zone Leader's and Sister Training Leader's this week, so we were planning and preparing for that the whole first part of the week. We did a lot of talking and helping President, but I'm getting used to talking in front of everyone now so its not a big deal. Driving still going well, haven't hit anyone or anything yet (knock on wood). I got to drop Missionaries off at the airport so that they could go on a free trip to Manila and eat at the legit restaurants and fast-food restaurants there...twice. So while everyone was bringing back Krispy Kremes and stuff, me and Elder Surio looked on, doing work on the computer and hating life. I think the next time I'll ever get to go there is on the plane home. But thats life. I did get a Subway Sandwich though, which was amazing. They didn't have Banana Peppers which kinda bummed me...and then Elder Tevaga stole all of my Peanut Butter so it really just wasn't my day. On Thursday we went and saw Elder Haymond and his comp in Guinobatan and picked up a washer in the car. We almost ended up tying it to the roof, but then we fixed the problem and it fit in the trunk. As you can see my life isn't as amazing as it used to be. But we'll push through it I guess. Hope you are all well. Take care.
Elder Akins

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 2 Down

Dear Family and Friends,

We'll I'm glad I made it through that week ha I never thought it would end! The Office is either legit, or its super boring and stressful. It kinda like half of the time there's something going and we have to be all over it, but then the other half of the time its just chill...but we still don't get much sleep ha. I miss being out in the field where I actually had a plan of how the day was gonna go, now its all jumbled running here, doing this and that and running back. Ha but its all good. We don't get to go out and work a whole lot, its mostly just running errands, fixing problems, helping people get to where they need to be and lots of planning for meetings and stuff. Its a good thing I've got lots of good guys here in the Office to keep me going, we have lots of fun.

So this week was my first time ever going to Mass, it was at a banquet that we got invited to for the Skin Clinic I used to go to for my acne. The food was great, and we ended up sharing a Pass-Along Card with some of the people on our table during the banquet. We were rubbin shoulder's with a ton of big whigs there, like the guy who owned all of the 7Eleven's in Legazpi was there on our table, the Mayor and his wife were at the banquet as well as countless other people who I didn't know ha.

We had to go pick up some Missionaries in a far area on Wednesday and switch them with other Missionaries because there was some problems in their area, so me and Elder Surio were mobbing the whole way there. I was taking corners like nobody's business haha. Driving here is SO different from back home ha sometimes really scary, other times so amazing.

On Sunday we had Stake Conference here in Legazpi, and I was there when Brother Victor Magallon got sustained to the Melchizedek Priesthood...nothing makes me more happy than seeing him and his family progress in the Gospel! It reminds me every time of why I came out here on a Mission. I love the quote, "A Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for 2 years, so that others can be with their families for forever." I know this is the Lord's Work! And I'm so glad that I get to be apart of it, even if now I'm stuck looking outside of an Office all day I know that its for my own good and that I'm here to help others have the same amazing experiences that I've had out here! Hope you are all well, I love you all and can't wait to be back amongst you again.

Love Elder Akins

Monday, March 2, 2015

Transferred To...

Ya so now I'm here in the now I'm all I'm doing is being a Pencil Pusher as AP which isn't as glorified as it sounds. I was caught off guard when they announced me as the new assistant, I knew it was kinda wierd that they would transfer me so fast since I was in my new area 1 transfer, and my old comp is now gonna do 5 there so it seemed a little wierd for me. But so far its been either stressful or fun, depending on what day it is and whats happening. Like sometimes we don't have anything to do so I get to study a lot or look at Mormon Messages on the computer. I've been driving lately too, I went and got my license renewed for the Philippines here in Legazpi so I've been cruising quite a bit. Its WAY different than back in the States. Imagine a land with no traffic laws, no stop signs or street lights...its like a real life Racing Game haha! Its kinda sketchy but it'll really help improve my driving skills I'm thinking. So the day I got called we had to take everyone down South to Sorsogon to the next Transfer Point, so I got to drive through my old area, even saw some people that I knew as we drove. I announced the new Companionships there, then me and Elder Tevaga drove back. It was fun to chill and talk with him again. Him and Elder Surio are my new companions. E. Surio is actually my Batch coming into the Mission, he's from Daily City, California...its in the Bay area. And then me and Tevaga go back to last year as well, so it's gonna be a blast. Tevaga's the one from Hawaii who moved to Washington that I told you about. Here also in the Office is Elder Kelley, our Finance Secretary, from Shelly, Idaho. And Elder Temaras, our Secratary from Manila, Philippines. We've been having tons of fun, even though we're like #TEAMNOSLEEP here. We wake up super early for some stuff, like when we had to drop off Missionaries in their new areas last week in the morning. It was a 2 hour drive and we had to get them there in the early morning so we were up by 4:30. I'm adjusting well though I think. Its gonna be kinda difficult when I have to speak to all the ZL's and STL's at our Missionary Leadership Council next week, but I already did a Trainer's Training with Elder Tevaga last week so I'm feeling better about my abilities to speak in front of others. Just hope the Lord will help me, cuz I need every bit I can get. I feel like unto Moses when he said "O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slowtongue." But I know that all things are possible to me through our Lord like it says in Philippians 4:13, so I'll give her my best shot and hope the Lord will do the rest! I love you all and I'm constantly praying and thinking of you. Especially my Family, I love you guys so much. Have an amazing week!
Elder Akins