Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots of Driving

This week we did lots of driving with having to move Elder's to different area's and stuff. One day I did a total of 7 hours driving. It was crazy. At least now I know I can make it up to Grandpa and Grandma Davis in a day. We went to the southern part of our mission that day and I got to drive through Gubat my first area. The only person I saw was Tatay Pimentel who was standing in his doorway at their house. Sadly I didn't get to stop and talk though, hopefully next time. I miss that family so much. And they'd be so surprised at my Tagalog now because back then I sounded like a baby trying to talk to them ha. While driving on a different day we had a drunk Tatay stumble out onto the highway ha luckily we swerved and missed him. And that morning we also got a nice little wake up call from seeing a crazy naked guy cross the road in front of us! Ha all we could do was just yell "OOOHHHH!" in the car and laugh till we cried. This place is so crazy. I'm trying real hard to step up into my position, its hard though. Sometimes its chill, but other times I'm on the hot seat. We also went on Exchanges this Saturday with the Zone Leaders in Tabaco, and Elder Decicio made some good food for us! Oh how I miss Filipino Traditional foods. We don't get to eat Rice and stuff a lot here in the Office so when we do I eat till it hurts! Oh its to good haha. Well hope everyones doing good and hanging in there! I love you all!
Elder Akins

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