Monday, March 16, 2015

MLC and Other Stuff That Happened This Week

Well it was kinda boring here this week. For the most part. We had a Missionary Leadership Council with all the Zone Leader's and Sister Training Leader's this week, so we were planning and preparing for that the whole first part of the week. We did a lot of talking and helping President, but I'm getting used to talking in front of everyone now so its not a big deal. Driving still going well, haven't hit anyone or anything yet (knock on wood). I got to drop Missionaries off at the airport so that they could go on a free trip to Manila and eat at the legit restaurants and fast-food restaurants there...twice. So while everyone was bringing back Krispy Kremes and stuff, me and Elder Surio looked on, doing work on the computer and hating life. I think the next time I'll ever get to go there is on the plane home. But thats life. I did get a Subway Sandwich though, which was amazing. They didn't have Banana Peppers which kinda bummed me...and then Elder Tevaga stole all of my Peanut Butter so it really just wasn't my day. On Thursday we went and saw Elder Haymond and his comp in Guinobatan and picked up a washer in the car. We almost ended up tying it to the roof, but then we fixed the problem and it fit in the trunk. As you can see my life isn't as amazing as it used to be. But we'll push through it I guess. Hope you are all well. Take care.
Elder Akins

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