Monday, June 30, 2014

Buhay Pa Dito Sa Filipinas

Mabuhay sa inyo! Ha well lifes still pretty much the same here. Wake up, take a shower with a bucket, eat rice, die of the heat/get drenched in rain. The usual. did get a little better last week. I went on exchanges with my ZL and it was good and all. We were leaving from an appointment and over a few houses some Ronny Filipino was blasting the radio from his bamboo house. I didn't notice it because its way normal until I heard the beautiful noise of Country!!!! It takes awhile to navigate out of that area because theres so many little bamboo huts so I happened to listen to Cruise by Florida Georgia Line and Crash My Party by Luke Bryan. I sang those songs a million times this past week in the shower haha. But we also had some other crazy stuff happen. We tracted this house, they let us in, the norm. We taught the father about the Restoration of the Gospel and then extended a Baptismal Date to him. He accepted! Then rather oddly UNaccepted and asked us to leave...totally random. All the while smiling. No idea what was going on in his head. So sad, I had this awesome picture of him becoming a Priesthood holder in my head and then it all just went blop. But thats alright, I never let it get me down. Theres always more people out there to help, like this wild band of kindergarten aged kids we met the other day. They told us they were "Bad Boys" but after a discussion about Jesus and Heaven they decided they wanted to be "Good Boys" haha it was pretty funny. And even when me and my comp got cussed out by a Baptist Preacher who we accidentally tracted into while looking for a Referral that ended up living with him, we still didn't let it get us down. Although I really didn't feel the Spirit after, felt more like Superman Punchin him in the face like George St. Pierre, we got through it and said a little prayer. To finish the week off we had Interviews with President which is always good. I always feel his love when I talk to him, such an awesome guy. He praised my parents for raising me the way they did, so I too have to say thanks Mom and Dad. I'm so grateful for parents who raised me in the Gospel. Its starting to rain here now, love it.
Elder Akins
I helped with District Meeting. Hope you can read it. The topic was Inviting and Following Up.

Me when I get home.
 Last Dinner with Vaki. Miss him tons.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Junior Comp Life

Well it isn't easy saying bye to a comp that you really get along with well. Haha me and Vaki took some pics together then it was my time to leave him to go back to my area. I was trying to say bye to him but he just told me that we'd say bye at the van. So I got in and we bro-hugged and said bye and almost teared up and what not. Haha then like 2 minutes later he came back while we were still in the van. Then he did it again haha man I miss him tons. Its wierd that he's not with me haha. So later that day I got my new comp and I'm still pretty happy I guess. His name is Elder Pesidas from Cebu, Philippines. He's obedient and a nice kid so I'm happy. Ha and I'm still chillin in the Junior Comp zone, so is about half of my batch so its cool. We've been really going hard this past week. We found almost 10 New Investigators and our area is starting to progress finally. It wasn't Vaki's fault, me and him pretty much were in the "Planting Stage" and now we are nearing the "Harvesting Stage". So its pretty good stuff haha. On Wednesday I helped E. Pesidas with the District Meeting Lesson about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty fun, the BOM is pretty easy to discuss. That same day our power got cut because I think me and Vaki lost the Electric Bill so we spent a whole day without might as well just take a bullet cuz it is hot here...even if its the Rainy Season. It was a long night to say the least. Oh and the cats fighting in the middle of the night right outside our window didn't help either haha. Our investigator family, Robert and the Fuelles Family, are still progressing. We just can't get them to come to church. They would've come yesterday but Brother had some kind of work interview which is also a good thing because he's been searching for work for awhile. And the job is really close to our apartment so we will be able to see him sometimes. When we visited them on Saturday they brought up this problem they've been having. I guess their old Baptist Preacher has been getting mad because they don't come anymore. He threatened to make some kind of case against Brother involving some money problems their church has been having...haha really? Thats some real Christ Like Love right? In other words the Preacher is a really pain in the rear. We and Vaki talked to one of the other ones that lives close to us if you remember probably like 8 emails ago or something. They're pretty ghetto. But its all alright, I'm loving my Mission and I love serving these people. Brother Robert is an awesome guy and I love him. I really hope he keeps progressing, he will. Sunday's Sacrament was really special for me. I got to thinking about all of the awesome Priesthoodholders there are in my life. I'm so grateful for all of their examples and their love and kindness to me. Thanks to all of you. Well I guess I'll quite shootin my mouth. Love you all.
Elder Akins

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

First off Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there! Especially my Dad, he's the best! Nobody beats old "Brinosorous" as some neighborhood menace would say (Corbin Gubler *Cough*). Well this week was really crazy! I guess I just begin at the start of the week. So Tuesday we went to the Janaban Family and taught their kid and like 5 of their neighbors, all of whom are progressing and coming to Church which is quite rare. But its happening so I'm definitely seeing hard work paying off! All I can say about Wednesday is that I became a "Real Missionary" in the Philippines (Mom ask the Frei Boys haha). Thursday we found a guy who was in real need of the Plan of Salvation when we stopped to get a drink at a Tindahan. Luckily I had a pamphlet of it in my bag and we were able to introduce it to him. We've really been praying hard to find Prepared People lately and we've definatelly seen those prayers answered. Friday I got a Suprise Package due to Dess Guanzon, Mission Prez's daughter who lives in STG, visiting! Thanks Mom, I needed it way bad! It was so good to see those pics too haha! And the ties are legit, are they Dad's or GPa's? All I've got is complements form the flower ones haha. Saturday me and Vaki hit up this nice resturant in our area and ate REAL burgers...they were indescribable. Well I'm short on time so I'll keep the sad news to a minimum. Tomorrow I will be getting a new comp and Elder Vaki will be flyin his little butt back to the Good Ole US of A. We've really gotten close these past 2 Transfers so all I'm gonna say is that I'm gonna try not cry haha. He's kinda like an older brother to me now haha he's a good guy. Can't wait to hang with him after the Mish. Well thats all I got for this week. Love you all!
Elder Akins

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Hot Week in the Philippines

This weather is a killer I tell ya! Man its hot here. But we're surviving. Last P-Day me and my comp went the gym in Sorsogon. I was sore for pretty much the rest of the week haha its been awhile. It felt good though, we try and run every morning too. On tuesday one of the members came back from Manila and had gotten some real Snickers so she gave some to us...I've never eaten candy bars that fast haha. They were amazing, she made my day. That night we went to one of our investigators who is inbetween progressing and not. But he told us about his cousin's a few houses over who wanted to talk to us. So we went over, half thinking it was gonna turn into a Bible Bash situation. But we got there and started talking to them and came to find out that they were really knowledgeable in the Bible and a lot of their doctrine they were talking and asking questions to us about were true and went well with our doctrine. But then we came to how we are different from other churchs, which we were happy to explain that we have Prophets and Apostles just like Christ's Church did when he was alive. We also have the Priesthood and also another testament of Jesus Christ. And they really liked what they heard! So we went back to them the next day and answered more of their questions! It was great! Hopefully we can get them to keep progressing and what not, because they are pretty awesome...and funny. They all have the typical Filipino humor haha so funny. They are all about our age so I think that really helped them to connect with us. A couple of days later we picked up another new investigator, Sister Pea, who lives next door to one of Less-Active Families, the Janabans, that we've reactivated. We will be baptizing one of the Janaban kids in a few weeks which is cool, although sadly Elder Vaki won't be there...he'll be home by then haha. But we were talking to her about the first lesson and at the end, before we had even asked or said anything about Baptism, she just asked if she could be baptized! She was definately prepared for us. She had talked with the Missionaries a bit when she lived in Manila awhile back, and also our LA family is good friends with her so they've talked to her. She is really awesome. Our work is really progressing, and we are finally getting people to church! Its great! The area was prob sub par when I got here, but we are really helping it to progress so we are happy. And my comp is Trunky so thats good. Here in a few weeks I'll be telling you about his replacement, but he probably won't be able to replace Elder Vaki, love that guy. Well one more funny thing. Sometimes at night we go to this Tindahan (mini-store that sells ghetto Filipino candies and pop) near our house and get a snack before we head home. Well the owner has become our neighborhood buddy I guess so we call him Boss and when we go to leave he always says in English to us "I love you." Which we reply the same to him. Its kinda wierd but really funny haha. He's a way funny guy. I guess thats it for this week. Love you all and hope all is well back at home.
Elder Akins

Monday, June 2, 2014

The News From the Philippines

Runnin low on time this week. I'll keep her short and sweet. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference with President and the AP's. Learned a lot of good stuff. One of the AP's said something that made me think, he said," There are no hard areas, it all depends on your attitude." Lately I've been thinking about how hard this area is compared to my last one, but after that I decided to change my attitude. Don't know if it will affect anything, but they say its the thought that counts! After the Conference we stopped in the Pacific Mall for a bit and did some Window Shoppin. I was lookin at some camo hats outside of one store when I looked in and they had a TV with the Huntin Channel running...I left. I would have gone crazy if I had stayed haha. The next day I went on Exchanges with one of my ZL's and also an Elder from my Batch, Elder Skeen. His comp had a little problem so he's no longer with us here in the Legazpi, Philippines Mission, but Skeen's doing great. We had lots of fun that day, had some good lessons and some great conversations that night. My batch is way awesome. The next day we went back to Legazpi actually for Fingerprinting for my Visa...I've been to Legazpi 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Lets just say that McDonalds is good everytime haha. And because of us going back and forth, I've become well know in the Office. My comp was comps with one of the APs in the MTC, Elder Madsen. He's way cool and funny. We're always making jokes and swappin stories. Our work was really bad again, due to the Zone Conf. and us being in Legazpi. Things will probably be back to normal after my comp leaves haha. We did get to visit our Less-Active who used to have a smoking problem...and he's doing great! And last night I fixed our broken in half ironing board with some Gorilla Glue and screws. She's working great now! Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Akins