Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

First off Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there! Especially my Dad, he's the best! Nobody beats old "Brinosorous" as some neighborhood menace would say (Corbin Gubler *Cough*). Well this week was really crazy! I guess I just begin at the start of the week. So Tuesday we went to the Janaban Family and taught their kid and like 5 of their neighbors, all of whom are progressing and coming to Church which is quite rare. But its happening so I'm definitely seeing hard work paying off! All I can say about Wednesday is that I became a "Real Missionary" in the Philippines (Mom ask the Frei Boys haha). Thursday we found a guy who was in real need of the Plan of Salvation when we stopped to get a drink at a Tindahan. Luckily I had a pamphlet of it in my bag and we were able to introduce it to him. We've really been praying hard to find Prepared People lately and we've definatelly seen those prayers answered. Friday I got a Suprise Package due to Dess Guanzon, Mission Prez's daughter who lives in STG, visiting! Thanks Mom, I needed it way bad! It was so good to see those pics too haha! And the ties are legit, are they Dad's or GPa's? All I've got is complements form the flower ones haha. Saturday me and Vaki hit up this nice resturant in our area and ate REAL burgers...they were indescribable. Well I'm short on time so I'll keep the sad news to a minimum. Tomorrow I will be getting a new comp and Elder Vaki will be flyin his little butt back to the Good Ole US of A. We've really gotten close these past 2 Transfers so all I'm gonna say is that I'm gonna try not cry haha. He's kinda like an older brother to me now haha he's a good guy. Can't wait to hang with him after the Mish. Well thats all I got for this week. Love you all!
Elder Akins

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