Monday, June 23, 2014

The Junior Comp Life

Well it isn't easy saying bye to a comp that you really get along with well. Haha me and Vaki took some pics together then it was my time to leave him to go back to my area. I was trying to say bye to him but he just told me that we'd say bye at the van. So I got in and we bro-hugged and said bye and almost teared up and what not. Haha then like 2 minutes later he came back while we were still in the van. Then he did it again haha man I miss him tons. Its wierd that he's not with me haha. So later that day I got my new comp and I'm still pretty happy I guess. His name is Elder Pesidas from Cebu, Philippines. He's obedient and a nice kid so I'm happy. Ha and I'm still chillin in the Junior Comp zone, so is about half of my batch so its cool. We've been really going hard this past week. We found almost 10 New Investigators and our area is starting to progress finally. It wasn't Vaki's fault, me and him pretty much were in the "Planting Stage" and now we are nearing the "Harvesting Stage". So its pretty good stuff haha. On Wednesday I helped E. Pesidas with the District Meeting Lesson about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty fun, the BOM is pretty easy to discuss. That same day our power got cut because I think me and Vaki lost the Electric Bill so we spent a whole day without might as well just take a bullet cuz it is hot here...even if its the Rainy Season. It was a long night to say the least. Oh and the cats fighting in the middle of the night right outside our window didn't help either haha. Our investigator family, Robert and the Fuelles Family, are still progressing. We just can't get them to come to church. They would've come yesterday but Brother had some kind of work interview which is also a good thing because he's been searching for work for awhile. And the job is really close to our apartment so we will be able to see him sometimes. When we visited them on Saturday they brought up this problem they've been having. I guess their old Baptist Preacher has been getting mad because they don't come anymore. He threatened to make some kind of case against Brother involving some money problems their church has been having...haha really? Thats some real Christ Like Love right? In other words the Preacher is a really pain in the rear. We and Vaki talked to one of the other ones that lives close to us if you remember probably like 8 emails ago or something. They're pretty ghetto. But its all alright, I'm loving my Mission and I love serving these people. Brother Robert is an awesome guy and I love him. I really hope he keeps progressing, he will. Sunday's Sacrament was really special for me. I got to thinking about all of the awesome Priesthoodholders there are in my life. I'm so grateful for all of their examples and their love and kindness to me. Thanks to all of you. Well I guess I'll quite shootin my mouth. Love you all.
Elder Akins

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