Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Hot Week in the Philippines

This weather is a killer I tell ya! Man its hot here. But we're surviving. Last P-Day me and my comp went the gym in Sorsogon. I was sore for pretty much the rest of the week haha its been awhile. It felt good though, we try and run every morning too. On tuesday one of the members came back from Manila and had gotten some real Snickers so she gave some to us...I've never eaten candy bars that fast haha. They were amazing, she made my day. That night we went to one of our investigators who is inbetween progressing and not. But he told us about his cousin's a few houses over who wanted to talk to us. So we went over, half thinking it was gonna turn into a Bible Bash situation. But we got there and started talking to them and came to find out that they were really knowledgeable in the Bible and a lot of their doctrine they were talking and asking questions to us about were true and went well with our doctrine. But then we came to how we are different from other churchs, which we were happy to explain that we have Prophets and Apostles just like Christ's Church did when he was alive. We also have the Priesthood and also another testament of Jesus Christ. And they really liked what they heard! So we went back to them the next day and answered more of their questions! It was great! Hopefully we can get them to keep progressing and what not, because they are pretty awesome...and funny. They all have the typical Filipino humor haha so funny. They are all about our age so I think that really helped them to connect with us. A couple of days later we picked up another new investigator, Sister Pea, who lives next door to one of Less-Active Families, the Janabans, that we've reactivated. We will be baptizing one of the Janaban kids in a few weeks which is cool, although sadly Elder Vaki won't be there...he'll be home by then haha. But we were talking to her about the first lesson and at the end, before we had even asked or said anything about Baptism, she just asked if she could be baptized! She was definately prepared for us. She had talked with the Missionaries a bit when she lived in Manila awhile back, and also our LA family is good friends with her so they've talked to her. She is really awesome. Our work is really progressing, and we are finally getting people to church! Its great! The area was prob sub par when I got here, but we are really helping it to progress so we are happy. And my comp is Trunky so thats good. Here in a few weeks I'll be telling you about his replacement, but he probably won't be able to replace Elder Vaki, love that guy. Well one more funny thing. Sometimes at night we go to this Tindahan (mini-store that sells ghetto Filipino candies and pop) near our house and get a snack before we head home. Well the owner has become our neighborhood buddy I guess so we call him Boss and when we go to leave he always says in English to us "I love you." Which we reply the same to him. Its kinda wierd but really funny haha. He's a way funny guy. I guess thats it for this week. Love you all and hope all is well back at home.
Elder Akins

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