Monday, June 2, 2014

The News From the Philippines

Runnin low on time this week. I'll keep her short and sweet. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference with President and the AP's. Learned a lot of good stuff. One of the AP's said something that made me think, he said," There are no hard areas, it all depends on your attitude." Lately I've been thinking about how hard this area is compared to my last one, but after that I decided to change my attitude. Don't know if it will affect anything, but they say its the thought that counts! After the Conference we stopped in the Pacific Mall for a bit and did some Window Shoppin. I was lookin at some camo hats outside of one store when I looked in and they had a TV with the Huntin Channel running...I left. I would have gone crazy if I had stayed haha. The next day I went on Exchanges with one of my ZL's and also an Elder from my Batch, Elder Skeen. His comp had a little problem so he's no longer with us here in the Legazpi, Philippines Mission, but Skeen's doing great. We had lots of fun that day, had some good lessons and some great conversations that night. My batch is way awesome. The next day we went back to Legazpi actually for Fingerprinting for my Visa...I've been to Legazpi 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Lets just say that McDonalds is good everytime haha. And because of us going back and forth, I've become well know in the Office. My comp was comps with one of the APs in the MTC, Elder Madsen. He's way cool and funny. We're always making jokes and swappin stories. Our work was really bad again, due to the Zone Conf. and us being in Legazpi. Things will probably be back to normal after my comp leaves haha. We did get to visit our Less-Active who used to have a smoking problem...and he's doing great! And last night I fixed our broken in half ironing board with some Gorilla Glue and screws. She's working great now! Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Akins

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