Monday, June 30, 2014

Buhay Pa Dito Sa Filipinas

Mabuhay sa inyo! Ha well lifes still pretty much the same here. Wake up, take a shower with a bucket, eat rice, die of the heat/get drenched in rain. The usual. did get a little better last week. I went on exchanges with my ZL and it was good and all. We were leaving from an appointment and over a few houses some Ronny Filipino was blasting the radio from his bamboo house. I didn't notice it because its way normal until I heard the beautiful noise of Country!!!! It takes awhile to navigate out of that area because theres so many little bamboo huts so I happened to listen to Cruise by Florida Georgia Line and Crash My Party by Luke Bryan. I sang those songs a million times this past week in the shower haha. But we also had some other crazy stuff happen. We tracted this house, they let us in, the norm. We taught the father about the Restoration of the Gospel and then extended a Baptismal Date to him. He accepted! Then rather oddly UNaccepted and asked us to leave...totally random. All the while smiling. No idea what was going on in his head. So sad, I had this awesome picture of him becoming a Priesthood holder in my head and then it all just went blop. But thats alright, I never let it get me down. Theres always more people out there to help, like this wild band of kindergarten aged kids we met the other day. They told us they were "Bad Boys" but after a discussion about Jesus and Heaven they decided they wanted to be "Good Boys" haha it was pretty funny. And even when me and my comp got cussed out by a Baptist Preacher who we accidentally tracted into while looking for a Referral that ended up living with him, we still didn't let it get us down. Although I really didn't feel the Spirit after, felt more like Superman Punchin him in the face like George St. Pierre, we got through it and said a little prayer. To finish the week off we had Interviews with President which is always good. I always feel his love when I talk to him, such an awesome guy. He praised my parents for raising me the way they did, so I too have to say thanks Mom and Dad. I'm so grateful for parents who raised me in the Gospel. Its starting to rain here now, love it.
Elder Akins
I helped with District Meeting. Hope you can read it. The topic was Inviting and Following Up.

Me when I get home.
 Last Dinner with Vaki. Miss him tons.

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