Monday, July 14, 2014

Typhoon Glenda at the Door! Whoohoo!

Yep right now we got ourselves another nice Typhoon headed our direction. Luckily its not supposed to be as big as Yolanda, the last one, so we aren't to nervous...Mom don't be nervous either. Well our area is still progressing and doing great! Hopefully before I leave I'll be able to snag one of the 15 or so Baptismal Canidates we are working with. I came into this area with little to none Investigators, and I'll probably leave with same Baptisms haha but that's ok I've done my part here I guess. My favorite Investigator, Brother Robert and his wife Rose, are still doing way good! We just got done teaching the Plan of Salvation to them and I definitely saw some of the blessings that President Frei gave to me when he set me apart! So awesome to see them fulfilled! Haha hopefully Mom won't wig out on this next one, but anyways our neighbors got robbed the other day haha and ya they took like over 300 dollars and some other things that I won't include so she doesn't wig. But we got some nice locks on all of our doors and stuff so we are good. On the way to one of our appointments we met some guys trying to drop a nice big ole Mango Tree so we lent a hand a helped em drop er. It was pretty fun tuggin on a rope then running for our lives haha. Actually the tree fell to the side more and almost took out a wall and caught the powerlines. But its okay, its the Philippines, the power going out is a normal everyday thing so its okay. They appreciated our help, even got some compliments on my strength...must be all of the rice. Also this week we were the big news on a Baptist Radio Station. They really don't like us haha. Well  I've decided that I can sleep through anything now. Outside of our apartment we have a few Roosters that crow ever hours or so, a puppy that whines all the time and barks at the other mutts across the street, billions of tricyees that have way ghetto mufflers, and our next door neighbor who almost snoors as loud as Dad. I think I can probably sleep in the same room as him now haha. Well that's all I've got for you guys. Please be praying for us here. The storm shouldn't be too bad, but if not I love you all! Haha Mom don't wig!
Elder Jake Akins

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