Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

Well its gonna be a short one this week. I got called as District Leader this Transfer so thats gonna be fun...alongside Training I'm in for a ride. But we'll get er done no prob. It was tough saying bye to my bro Elder Tevaga on Tuesday...then it got good when they called him as AP in the Ward next to us ha. I've seen him a few times around, looks like he's having a blast driving the Mission Car around. I always ask him if I can take it for a spin ha denied everytime. Never know though. I gave my 1st District Meeting as DL, it went pretty good. The father of our investigator family, the Magallons, went to the hospital this week for low blood. But we went over and gave him a blessing and now he's back home doing good. It was his birthday on Friday too so we went to their house and wished him a Happy Birthday and taught them a quick lesson on Faith and Repentance. They are doing so good, I can't wait for their Baptism! We are planning on the 15th of November right now, hope it all comes together. I got a package from home too this week, sure was a booster. Thanks for the Chex Mix Mom that was the best. I didn't get any Skittles, my dang Comp loves them to much ha. And the AP's broke my package open after they called me to come pick it up so I lost a little candy and my football. I'll get it back this week ha. We had a great turn out at Church this week too. We had 7 Investigators and 12 Less-Actives come! Not much else went down. Just another solid week in the Mish. Hope everyone enjoys Halloween. Watch some good scary movies for me ha! And Mom tell Ally she can't go Trick or Treating anymore, shes to old haha!
Love Elder Akins

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