Tuesday, October 14, 2014

General Conference - October 2014

Well it was a pretty slow week. We only got to teach the Magallon Family once this week so I was pretty peeved about that. Hopefully they'll get more time this week. But when we were there they had broken out their highlighters and what not and were totally into the lesson, they're the best! I'm gonna be so mad/sad if I'm not here when they get baptized. I want it more than ever! We had a Lunar Eclipse this past week, but I didn't see nothing. But we did see a lot of shooting stars when the whole city shut the power off on Wednesday...thats normal though now. As long as we get it back by 10:30 we're good. It did it again on Monday (which is why I'm emailing on Tuesday), but this time it didn't come back on. I didn't hardly sleep that night, so hot with Mayon gettin ready to pop and all the mosquitoes. I hate those things. Just gotta love the Mish! I made some dang good Adobo this week too, can't wait to make it for y'all when I get back! But the best thing that happened this week was General Conference! As described by my buddy here Elder Tevaga, " General Conference is like a Birthday Party for Missionaries!" 

Although that's way random, its definately true. I've come to love it so much on my Mish! And especially this one, I received answers to my Prayers of what to do after the Mish. And I totally believe that God answers prayers! It worked for me haha. Well all is well here, Mom the Eruptions not going to be huge so relax! I'll be fine, the Lord is on my side!

Elder Akins CC

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