Monday, October 6, 2014

Slow Week

We had a pretty slow week. We had lots of meetings for New Missionary Training, Zone Training, stuff like that. So we didn't get a ton of time to work our tails off, but we still got some good stuff in. Like for example, yesterday we had the Magallon Family attend Church for the 1st time! We were super happy, even though they showed up right as we were about to start the Sacrament, we got them all situated and what not. Our Bishop's family has really been doing a grteat job of fellowshipping them. Their 2 daughters took the Magallon girls to Youth class and I think they really enjoyed it. I hope they come next Sunday...and for all the Sundays after that. I'm so happy God's placed them in my path. Also this week I got my 1 Year De-Worming Pill. Well so far all is well, just keep prayin' Mom! I also heard one of my old Comps, Elder Vaki, is doing work in the Music Industry. Ally you should look him up. I'm not sure how maybe just Google, look up Samuel Vaki. I heard the songs good so I don't know ha. We've been trying to teach this old guy who lives on the mountain near our apartment, but the only problem is I can't understand him. I feel like I'm back in my Training haha and my comps having a hard time too. The guy is from Masbate which is technically Bicol Region but they speak Cebuano there. He also mixes what he says with Bicol and Tagalog so basically I just die everytime he says something. And he's got a lot to say haha his beliefs are pretty crazy. But its all good, glad he lets us teach him ha. He got mad at me for not having a Tagalog Bible, but when I asked him if he had one he said he gave it to his buddy down the road...ha ok why you gettin' mad at me?! Man gotta love these guys! But me and my comp are getting along great and are workin' hard. I'm trying to stay up and keep on pushing forward...its gonna be hard this next little month or so with the Hunt and all haha. I just want all my buddies back at home to know how much I love em! I miss you guys, and especially my Boys out here. Keep doing work guys! Love you all.

Elder Akins

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