Monday, September 29, 2014

Still Waitin' . . .

Well we started the week off pretty rough. So that guy that I mentioned about last week, Brother Conrad. Well we went back to him a few days later. I saw him outside his house first, and then he looked and saw me. His face dropped into a frown immediately. I came up to him and started talking to him, seeing how he was. Then he began to tell us how he didn't want us to teach him anymore. He said he had changed his mind about it. He said the reason was he didn't want to waste our time, and then said that there was no hope left anyways. His life is miserable I won't lie. His can't work or do anything. His wife hates him, she actually beats him and ignores him! We tried and tried to explain to him about everything, how he needs us more than ever right now. But he refused. He asked that we keep coming by and sharing maybe a scripture verse to lift him, but he doesn't want us to teach the lessons or be baptized. I was so shocked! He started crying, and I teared up a little as well. I couldn't believe it. We left in kind of a dazed state, I had to sit down for a little while I was so stunned and saddened. In the end I couldn't even focus so we just went home and I went and laid down. It was one of the weirdest/saddest things I've ever seen and experienced. I guess its true that there needs be opposition in all things. Bad Experiences with the Good ones. Poor guy, just pray for him I guess. Well keep trying though. Well I guess we better switch over to all the good stuff that happened this week then. First off we had Interviews with President Guanzon, which as always was great! We talked a little about what I'm gonna do after the Mish and stuff. I'm still trying to pull in everything, so I told him I'd be Praying and Fasting and be searching for an answer at the upcoming General Conference. I put in work when all 8 of us had a competition for Push-Ups using the Perfect Push-Up equipment thingys. Me and Elder Tevaga, the big Hawaiian kid, both hit 42 so I was pretty proud of myself. I'm seeing the blessings of the Mish for sure right now, its all that Rice and Chicken haha plus my 40 Push-Ups a night. Also we layed out all the mattresses in our Living Room thing and I wrestled my comp haha sealed the 3rd Round with a nice Body Slam to make sure he wasn't gettin' back up! Haha we have a lot of fun out here for sure. Life's good being a MIssionary. And the best thing thats happening right now is our Investigator Family, the Magallon's, are really going strong right now. The father and the 2 girls are all in Jacob now in the Book of Mormon. The mother is a little tougher nut to crack, but she is reading a little. They believe its all true. Tonight we talked about Adam and Eve in the Plan of Salvation. Lots of Questions...and lots of Answers. It really helped to have our Bishop and his family there. They have 2 girls too the same age as the others so it works perfect! And Bishop is an RM and way good so he helped us a lot. I'm so happy I'm in a Ward, man Branches get kinda tough sometimes haha. But I love this work no matter what! So happy that I came out, wouldn't change it for anything! Love you all, you are always in my Prayers. 
Love Elder Akins

P.S. Heard about Swiss Days, man that stinks. Next year I'm going to beat Dad in the 5K anyways so I can't wait for that. Then maybe snag some nice Navajo Tacos and a big ole Texas Twister. Oh ya.

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