Monday, September 8, 2014

Mr. Trainer

Hey sorry this is a day late but I've been runnin errands for the APs and stuff. I had to watch over Elder Poe, he's the kid from St. George. He's got Dengue Flu which really ain't fun...and this is his 2nd time. There are 4 different strains and you can't get the same one twice. Its some crazy stuff. I watched him yesterday afternoon until this morning. Man the AirCon felt so good, haven't slept in an AirCon'd room in a year. I'm gonna make this the short story of the week because I gotta get to some Meetings soon so here we go. Last Tuesday I went on Exchanges with Elder Lilo from my Batch. It was raining way hard and we were looking for some Referrals, but due to some way close lightning and way loud rain no one could hear us yelling at them haha. They all thought we were tracting so they all just waved us to leave and stuff haha we ended up finding the Referrals though. Our Magallon Family that me and Torrano found are doing great and really progressing in the Gospel! The father has a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon, we will be teaching about it for the 3rd time now haha. On Thursday I climbed this muddy hill at night near our area to see the city at night...Torrano didn't want to but I finally got him to come up. But he slipped, twice haha he was pretty ticked at me. But in the end the view was great and I ended up slippin myself. On Saturday we got the Transfer Announcement. Torrano is transfering and I will be Training. Sorry this is the worst email I've ever sent because my thoughts are going mach chicken and what not. Our Missions going through some crazy stuff with money problems from the Typhoon and between Training and everything else my mind is just tired. So I can't wait to just start Training and get back to work.

Elder Akins

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