Monday, September 22, 2014

Mount Mayon's Gonna Erupt

Alrighty so the background for this week is that we got 8 Elders living in a 4 Elders apartment. Due to the fact that Mount Mayon is going to erupt here pretty soon, but its all good we are far enough out of the danger zone stuff. We might get hit by some ash though, which from what they said happened last time, it'll be like shoveling snow haha. Whatever happens, we are in for another Wild Ride of Calamity. As if Earthquakes and Typhoons are enough ha. But its all good, I guess its just some of those things God wants me to go through, thats alright with me. So basically they've just been doing Exchanges with us this whole week, which really bumped our Key Indicators up. We found some awesome new Investi's and the what not. But we've been having lots of fun too. Man its kinda crazy haha but its kinda like being back at the MTC with all of these dudes running around. I actually found something funny out too from one of them. His name is Elder Lesatele, and he's ironically from Compton, LA. But he played for BYU's ghetto football program before he came out, and he says he was good friends with Adam Hine back then haha. I told him how Adam was like the Legend of Snow Canyon for Track and Football, and he agreed. I guess hes reppin' kids right now as a Senior there. Lesatele's really cool, but I creamed him and Tevaga in PingPong this week like nothing... shoutout to my boy J. Sarge, I'm coming for you bro in like 11 months ha. I also saw some pictures of Southern Utah this week, many of them being my stomping grounds. Man I got so dang Trunky I won't lie haha. That my friends is truly God's Country, nothing compares. I'm so blessed to have grown up there, wouldn't have it any other way. We taught this really nice kid named Neal this week. He's really interested in the Gospel and is really a good kid, he's active in Service Projects all over Bicol Region here and stuff, the only problem is he is really into Philosophy and its really got him all messed up. We are trying to help him understand the importance of God in our lives and stuff, but man I don't know he's gonna be a tough nut to crack. I invited him to pray and ask God if He is really there...that outta work. Heck, who better to ask than the Man Himself! I saw this sick poster of Allen Iverson that night while tracting, almost asked the guy if I could have it ha. And Sunday was amazing! We all attended out Ward here in Daraga together, me and my comp ended up teaching the Gospel Principles class which we managed to do well. I got my Package from the AP's! Oh man that was awesome. The only problem is how do I keep the 2 Poly kids out of it ha. But we shared some and listened to my Enya CD, that thing was the best part! That night me and Elder Decicio, an American Elder from Oregon, went on Exchanges. We were getting rejected by everybody and we had come to the end of the street. There was like 2 houses left then he told me that he and my comp had tracted these houses the other night so I was just thinking oh alright well lets get out of here and find some better Hunting Grounds. But then he stopped me and said that we should try the last few houses, so I just turned and agreed with him. Not 10 steps after that I saw this guy and introduced myself to him, and before I even said that we were Missionaries he told us to sit down and share what we had. This guy was one of the most prepared people I've ever met on the Mish. Brother Conrad Peralta has Terminal Pancreatic Cancer. He was diagnosed back in March and is only suppossed to live 6 months after the math. Hes beyond that now. After jumping around about some of the Church's beliefs and some simple doctrine, I invited him for Baptism for October 25, which he accepted. But he said this,"I'm willing to be baptized, but I don't think I'll be here anymore on that date." I then felt impressed to tell him he would be, and that the reason he was still here was because he needed to hear this and that his family needs to hear it too. So we will be returning to him this Tuesday, I hope that his family is just as prepared as he is. I'm very excited to help this man and his family come into the Gospel, we are really going to try and hurry it too. I feel he is very interested and is very willing to follow our Lord and Savior through Baptism, just hope that my feelings are aligned with God's Plan. So well give er' a shot! And I won't lie, I did do work in PingPong today. Still holding the Champion's Belt here in Daraga, can't wait to work the Frei Boys over when I get back, you guys got nothing!!! And we also had a DARAGA vs. Santo Domingo Basketball Game, Daraga won of course whoooo! All in all, life is good here in Daraga, the Work is Progressing, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Love you all, shoutout to the Clowards for including the Peach Penguins in my package, they were a big hit!

Love Elder Akins

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