Monday, September 15, 2014

Training Elder Navarro

Alright so I got my new Trainee, his names Elder Navarro, really nice kid. I got him workin hard and we are having fun. Ha the first thing he noticed when he looked at my Pictures when he got here was Ally...they always have something to say about her. But we closed that conversation pretty quick with no resistance ha. But in all honesty I'm excited to Train. The first few days I had no idea what to do, but I got him tracting houses now so I think he is really progressing. He actually served a Short-Time Mission before this so that really helped out ha. Our first lesson went really well though. We taught the Magallon Family about the Book of Mormon for like the 2nd or 3rd time ha. They have a lot of questions and we are trying to get them to really gain a testimony of it. They all read except the mother, she is kinda busy sometimes but we'll keep trying with her. We also had our Bishop and his wife there so that really helped in the lesson. Oh and they did accept a Baptismal Date for October 18, but thats not the for sure date, but hopefully it is! Like I said I do have him tracting now. We tracted this one neighborhood and I saw this car next to this way nice house with its lights still on. So I thought it would be good opportunity for us to share the Gospel. So we yelled from outside their gate and this lady came out. So I told her "hey your car lights are still on." But I think she figured me out because right after that she awkwardly and slowly closed the door. It was one of those ones were I tried to say something to get her to stop but she was to committed on closing it in our we tracted the next house. And it just so happened to be (Tribute-Jack Black) that we found a new investigator who let us teach her! So it turned out to be ok after all, even if her neighbors don't like us ha. Other than that not much happened. I did work at the PingPong Table this morning. I beat everyone including Elder Tevaga. Its definatelly helping me improve my Christ-Like Attribute of being Humble haha. So ya, pretty good week I guess. Love you all!
Elder Akins

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