Monday, September 1, 2014

1 Year

I've made it! I'm right at the Peak, now I just gotta slide my way back down the Mountain! Well we had a pretty decent week I'd say. We had a Zone Cluster Conference with a few other Zones here Legazpi on Tuesday. President Guanzon gave some really great talks. I love listening to him, I always feel his love when he speaks. I pulled some great stuff out that I will be applying to myself and my area. Its kinda wierd that I'm the "Official Senior" now, I'm used to the "Leading from Behind" kind of thing. But its all good. That night we had someone steal some stuff from off of our deck. They snagged my comps nice Jeans, our neighbors shoes, and my American Umbrella which is worth its weight in Gold. Then they stuffed it all into my plastic bag that I left outside with all of my Laundry supplies...gotta love Thieves. Its cool though, I got a free Umbrella today that works just as well. We taught a pretty funny lesson to an old Less-Active Tatay who's having trouble with his wife. The topic was on "Loving Your Spouse", ha ya they aren't getting along well right now. But he came to Church on Sunday so something went right! I also went on Exchanges this week. I'll admit I hit McDonald's 4 times through the week to celebrate my victory of making it 1 year. Ya that won't be happening again for awhile. My Package from home made it this week as well, so I was so stoked for that! My new Brown and Tan pants are the sweetest! Thanks Mom, now  I don't look like a Ronny wearing Black all the time. I'm gonna try to keep them nice so I can wear them at home too...nearly impossible but its worth a shot. We held a 1 Day Mission this week for all of the Members, to try and help them get more active in the work. We had a good turnout, and we did a lot of good. Lots of Referrals and New Investigators! It really made our numbers look good thats for sure haha. We got hit with some rejections in our tracting though, not unusual. I hate that people reject us, but I always get a kick out of some of the ways people react to us and stuff. I guess it helps to keep me up and positive. My favorite is when they see us and just wave there hand as they walk away..."Oh ok...thanks?" Ha or the all-time-classic "I'm Catholic...". "Oh well I'm Mormon...can we share a Message with you?" A lot of good laughs thats for sure. Well I love being a Missionary. Its sad that its half way over...but its good at the same time. Hope it doesn't go by to fast, but I know it will. They all say it does. Love you guys!
Elder Akins

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