Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Late Easter/General Conference!

So sorry about last week, we were swamped trying to get ready for Transfers and all that. Gratefully I now have time to say whats up to everyone! So ya life's going good, especially after watching General Conference! Oh man, that was my favorite so far. Given before my Mission I had never watched a full G.M. so ya. But the talks were so impactful for me. After watching Elder Nielson's talk I realized that even though I am trying to do my best to follow Jesus Christ and use His Atonement and everything else, that I will always be a Prodigal Son. Thats why I am so grateful for God's Mercy, that He would make it possible for me to return to Him! It was a great talk. I loved Elder Packer's talk from the Saturday Morning Session ha made me crack up when he was talking about how his successful marriage all started when his girlfriend was sneaking out of class to give him a "Cookie and a Kiss". Both of my favorite Apostles gave great talks as well. Elder Perry talked about Families and Marriage and talked about his experience when he and President Eyring went to the Vatican. It was cool that members of the Muslim faith quoted our "Family Proclamation" in the meeting. And then Elder Holland's talk was amazing, it hit me so hard! His story was so gripping, I could feel that warm sandstone on my hands! And then I loved how he brought it to the Fall, and then all the way back to the Atonement. Ah man it was so good. I thought about Josh during it haha if he would be there for me, and I know he would if the situation ever called for it. He's a good kid, and I miss him. Well this week has just been lots of planning and getting ready for our MLC. There are moments of fun and jokes though, so its not all boring. We just got a new Elder here in the Office, Elder Peterson. He is training to be the new Finance Elder, so he will replace Elder Kelley after another Transfer. Well I hope all is well back at home and you guys are getting lots of rain! I miss you all. And I can't believe Devin's engaged, that kid! He better delay that until I get back!
    Love Elder Akins

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