Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gubat Visit

So this week wasn't much of a commotion. President Guanzon has been gone the whole week at a Mission President's Conference in Manila, so there wasn't much Office work to do. We did however get to take some Sister's down to Sorsogon Province, to Gubat my first area! I was so excited to get going. The sad part though was that we didn't get down there until 9:00pm, which means everyone and their dog is asleep in the Philippines at such time. So I didn't get to say hello to some of the people I know there, like the Pimentel Family. It killed me driving past their house on the highway out. We did get to go see the Elder's at the good ole blue apartment there. Its even smaller than I remembered it ha. Can't believe that's where I started my Mission, its gotta be one of the worst apartments we have here haha but it took me right back! Especially the bathroom, still smells bad. This week I listened to a cool talk by Elder Marcus B. Nash of the First Quorum of the 70 about "Righteous Dominion and Compassion for the Earth" which he delivered at a Law Class at the University of Utah. I liked it a lot, made me understand the Creation better and the importance of taking care of the Earth. Yesterday me and Elder Surio were out working at night and we ended up teaching one of our investigators at the house that is next door to her's, its her sister's and her husband's. Anyways it was a good lesson, and afterwards we got in the car and Elder Surio just looks at me and says, "Ok, what the heck just happened?!" Then he explained to me that something weird had happened in the lesson. So he was sitting almost across from me on the floor, leaning against a wooden doorway. The doorway had like a drape thing over it so we couldn't see into the rest of the house. And apparently while we were teaching someone was running a finger over his back! Haha from my perspective I couldn't' see anything, and the investigator couldn't either. It was crazy haha I was laughing the whole time he told me the story. We think it was our investigator's sister because Elder Surio said that once he heard the husband coughing on the other side of the house the finger stopped. So we won't be visiting that house anymore. Haha only on the Mission. Well I hope everyone's doing well! Spring is here and hopefully you'll be getting rain soon back at home! We need it!
    Love Elder Akins

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