Monday, May 4, 2015

The Time is Far Spent

I really don't know where the time goes! This week has gone by super fast. Everyday has been pretty busy for us. We had a few Exchanges in pretty distant areas so that took up a day. And we've also been busy moving Missionaries around to different areas under Presidents direction. So needless to say I've been spending quite some time behind the wheel. One night it just turned out to be My Night. Everyone that has been in the Office has left some kind of mark or such on the vehicles. So this one night I was coming back with Elder Surio from grabbing a bite to eat because we had just finished running errands for the day. So I went to pull into the tight opening and I ended up taking a bad angle and put a dent the size of a baseball into the side of our Ford Ranger. So that made my night. Its a good thing the Church has Insurance right?! I was pretty grateful at the time. Then I had to tell President what happened, but it was all good with him. Ha I felt like I was back at home telling Dad that I broke a sprinkler head on the lawn or something. But we got everything taken care of and its all good now. This week me and Elder Surio had a great lesson about Joseph Smith with our Investigator Joy and her boyfriend who was at their house. We watched the Restoration video at their neighbor's house who are members: the Luvendino's. They have a couple of little girls, and their youngest little girl: Showbee, who I would love to adopt and bring home with me haha the cutest little girl! She's so funny too, she's only 6 and she asks the most mature questions about where I'm from and if I have a girlfriend and what my family is like! Such a little cutie. Anyways, the lesson was great, and we had a good Question/Answer time after the video. The boyfriend even had some questions so hopefully we can teach him with her in the next lesson this week. Thats about how the week went, sorry times limited to this is all I got! Love you all!
    Elder Akins

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