Monday, May 11, 2015

Quick Email

Hey everyone sorry I'm down to only a few minutes now so I'll make it quick. But this week was pretty crazy. We were supposed to move a bunch of missionaries around this week, but weren't able to get around to it because we had a ton of other things come up like missionaries that wanted to go home and other things. So its been kind of a stressful one. Prayer has played a big role this week. I try to just not worry so much and have an understanding that everything that gets thrown at me, fastballs and curveballs, is all for my good. It works pretty well I suppose. I recently heard about my buddy Elder Bunting help fish in a shark...hey bud just to let you know, I'll be reeling in stuff bigger than that at Powell son! Can't wait to see my buddies again, its been to long. I was able to Skype the family today. Gotta say its been a long 2 years since I've seen you guys, I know that mostly because Josh is starting to look bigger than I remember. Can't wait to throw with ya again buddy! Oh man I miss you guys so much, and I especially want Mom to know how much I appreciate her and love her! I hope you could understand me during the Skype haha my English skills are less than par right now. I feel almost socially awkward when I English under pressure haha. But I love you Mom and I hope your Mother's Day was awesome! You deserve more than a day's rest! Love you! Other than that I hope everyone else is doing well! Miss you all!
    Elder Akins

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