Sunday, May 24, 2015

Missionaries Down

This has been another hectic/insane week. I think I'll just stop saying they're crazy because its just normal now. I've never experienced so much GO GO GO in my life. Jeez, an Elder just needs to take a few moments on the stream slaying fish I'd say! Life's getting to much in a hurry for me! The craziest things have been happening lately. We've lost almost 10 missionaries to illnesses in the past few weeks. Its hurting us bad, we are pretty low on Elders and Sisters right now. Hopefully the Lord will bless us with some more soon. Maybe we are lacking in Faith... I don't know we'll have to look into that. I'm really growing from all this though. So I what I really should be saying is I'm grateful for these trials that God is giving to me, because He loves me enough to "cut me down" so to speak. A mission is a truly amazing experience. Well like I said we got a new companion last week, Elder Hernandez, who is a stud, but who I failed to mention is a BYU/BoSoxs fan so that ain't flying...but we've worked through it and both agreed that we can be companions for the time being haha. No he's great though, we're good friends and I'm happy that he's here. We had a really cool spiritual experience this week in one of our lessons. We visited an old Bishop that has gone Less Active in our area. Long story short he hasn't been coming to church for a long time and we haven't had much progress with him. We haven't even been sure what his concern really is. But on Saturday night we were finally able to peel away the last part of the onion! We found out, after an awesome lesson about becoming Disciples of Christ leaving everything using Matthew 4:18-22 I believe it was, that he was offended long ago by his uncle who also served as a Bishop. So now that we know whats up we can finally help address his concern. I hope before I leave that he will return to the Church, thats one of my Personal Goals right now. Also that me and Elder Hernandez will have a baptism here in the AP Area...which hasn't happened in almost 2 years now ha so we'll see how that goes! It'll take some Faith I guess. Pananampalataya baga!
Love Elder Akins

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