Monday, June 1, 2015

Crazy Crazy Crazy

I feel like the only word that is consistent in my grammer now is Crazy, because thats the only thing that happens here ha. Let alone back at home, like how all of my buddies are getting back right now! What the heck, I didn't even know Joey and Lindsey were heading home this week! Crazy stuff. Man I really gotta stop saying that, I'll try to before I get home. Well we had a decent week, we've been adjusting the Mission like crazy because of problems with missionaries health and stuff. But I'm learning how to keep it all together. I got to go through my old area (Gubat) this past week, but I didn't stop to say hi to anyone, wasn't time. But I did see good ole Tatay Pimentel standing in his door way shirtless as ever! Haha I love Filipinos! Such a crack up. Quick funny story: So I got to attend a Birthday Party in my old area in Daraga at one of my old investigators house because I had to show some new Elders where he lived. Long story short we got sat down right in the middle of this group of about 50+ people (half of them were drunk old guys who were having the time of their lives when they saw 2 white guys and a poly guy show up), and then they made us eat all of this food. It was super awkward, embarrassing and super funny. We were laughing along with them haha. Thats what I love about the Philiippines, you never feel alone. The people are always so nice and caring. We had a good time and we were even able to get an appointment with a girl for those Elders. Me and my companions had some real good success with our area this week. We've been focusing on this strip of railroad that has a lot of houses along it this past week and have found quite a few of potential investigators, so hopefully they will take off in the Gospel here fore long. Well I love you guys, hope all is well and that you're getting plenty of rain back at home. I'll try to bring some home with me when its my turn to head out! Love ya!
Elder Akins

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