Sunday, June 7, 2015

Grabe Ang Week Nito!

So ya the Philippines never ceases to amaze me. Last night I was driving home from the Office with everyone in the truck with me and we got behind this Padyak, its like a bike with a sidecar that they drive people around in. It was about 11 o'clock and I was about to pass this guy but something was holding me back from doing so. And he was being really wierd because he was in the middle of the road and then he would keep it to the right, then come back to the left. His Ronny buddy on the back was half hanging on, half off but he kept calling me to pass them. So I did and right as I did the guy swerved for no reason in front of me, luckily I figured he was a little tipsy so I was being careful. So ya he was, then the guy on the back tried getting off while he was peddling and lost his shoe, so I had to stop for him, then he started walking who knows where. But needless to say he went another half mile or so fore he dropped off this lady with a baby that I didn't see inside. So I'm very grateful for the Spirit and that it was telling me to be cautious that night. This past week though we had 2 different trainings/conferences. They both went well, we kinda scrapped it by with time but they were good. My new companion Elder Hernandez is doing well, he's really stepping up to the plate. I guess the Family got to meet with his family this past week which was cool. But ya, we had a great week for sure. We found about 3 or 4 families through tracting this week! Our area hasn't had a baptism in a year or so, so we have decided we are going to break the Curse of the AP's area. We are super stoked, our most progressing family is the Ballderama Family and they are starting to read the Book of Mormon, they kinda remind me of the Magallon's. I actually saw them yesterday after their Church service, except for Brother ha he had to go home early because of LBM which they all thought was hilarious when the told me ha. Oh I love them so much, can't believe I ever doubted coming on a Mission. I love you all, hope everyones doing well. Be seeing ya soon! Mom make sure that Joey and Maynerd keep getting my emails please. Love ya!
Elder Akins

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