Sunday, February 22, 2015


I'm out of Daraga already, its only been 1 Transfer haha so there must be good/difficult things in store. It was super unexpected, I really thought I was gonna be here for awhile too. But the Lord's always got other plans for you, especially if you're getting into your comfort zone...which I totally was! I'm gonna miss Daraga 1st Ward! Best Ward in the Mission! Giving my Goodbye Testimony was kinda weird because it was the 2nd time in 6 weeks haha its like I was already gone! Its all good though, I'll go where the Lord wants me to go ha. I figure its always best not to murmur, just do what needs to be done. This past week was super legit! Me and Elder Pasadillo got to go to Batan Island for Exchanges this week! Its the ghettoist part of our Mission! And we had a blast. The 2 hour boatride was nice, we just chilled up on top of the boat and slept and took in the sun. I got my Farmers Tan on, gonna look like I've been workin hard in the fields in the dead of summer when I get back...cuz I have, just the Lord's Fields thats all. The island is super beautiful, the water is clear blue, and the beaches are white! A lot of people were checking me out because white people just don't go there that often. The day after we got back from Batan we were just super beat. We attended a District Meeting first, then got to the apartment and took showers after 2 1/2 days haha ya we attend the meeting as we were. Felt like Heaven! But Satan was really tryin to tempt us to sleep and make it a no work day or something, but we ended up just getting to work like we should've. And that night we saw the Lord's Hand and His Blessings for us. We had a few hours to work, so we tried hitting some unplanned appointments (rarely is there ever planned appointments in the Philippines). We got the boot 3 times. By then we were running down and wondering what to do, like well should we just go back or what kinda thing. But the wierdest thing happened. We had both expressed feelings of wanting to go back home and just finish the day, but it was like something was just pushing us, we both kinda just kept walking without thinking. We got to our last appointment, to a Less-Active young man, ended up teaching him and finding out some of his concerns with why he wasn't coming to Church. We even expressed to him how the Lord had lead us to him that night, it was a great spiritual lesson we had. These are some of the Miracles that happen on the Mission, thats why I love it so much! Well my times almost up here. Guess we'll see whats gonna be happening for the rest of my Mission tomorrow at Transfer Point, wish me luck!
Love Elder Akins
PS Happy Birthday Ally!

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