Monday, February 16, 2015

A White Valentines

So it wasn't a White Valentines just because me and Elder O'Connor (my housemate) are the only white guys in the neighborhood and I took him out on a date like you're'll have to wait till the end of the email to find out why. But I'll just say it was an amazing and inspiring week for me! So first off I've been inspired to fix my tennis shoes. I've worn holes into the fronts of them cuz we ball to hard here. I've been hunting for Duck Tape but no success yet, guess I'll just endure the blood blisters till I find some. Me and O'Connor went on Exchanges again this week, had some fun and crazy experiences happen, like the one guy I used to teach who told us he'd be fine living in the Terrestrial Kingdom...uhhh ya I guess, whatever you're into. We told him that he needed to pray about it first, so he said he'd text when I figured his life out. Also that day I got my BDay/Valentines Package! Thanks Momma! But for cereal...don't send anymore. I especially enjoyed Grandma Brown's Card that she sent haha the pics cracked me up. Oh and on that day I got Elder O'Connor to wear an American Flag tie with me...he's Aussie. I watched 3 mice play around on a ladies countertop during a lesson for a bit. It's really sad what people have to live through here. Our District Meeting on Receiving Prayer Through Revelation was legit. Elder O'Connor gives great workshops. I was really inspired to make my prayers even more meaningful through Elder Tevaga's conversion story/testimony on prayer during that meeting. He's such an inspiration to me. Saturday was the real Highlight of the week though. It was Valentines, but not just an ordinary Valentines. Brother Conrad was finally baptized into the Church! And I've never attended such an amazing Baptism. It was an honor to be one of the missionaries to have taught, given blessings to, and finally baptize this man. I've never seen or heard of such an amazing Conversion Story and such a strong Testimony from a Recent Convert. He is an amazing man. After he came up out of the water he bowed his head and gave a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord. He really understands the importance of Baptism...unlike our Part-Member Ronny of a kid who was lost the entire day of his he didn't get dunked like we'd hoped haha he's super crazy and just kinda does what he wants so we kinda saw it coming. I felt bad for his Mom because she really was excited for him to be baptized...oh well theres always next saturday! Conrad shared his favorite scripture that my comp E. Mallabo shared with him when I was there to us during his testimony: Moroni 10:20-23. It really gave him hope and faith when he needed it. I don't cry really ever (guess thats my Akins side), but that man made me tear up for sure. Its been a blessing to have been apart of this man's life, and I can't wait to see him again after this life! Miracles do happen!!!
Love you all and hope you had a Happy Valentines.
PS Its my little Squishters BDay this week, shout out!!!
Love Elder Akins

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