Monday, February 2, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

We were really busy this week. Ran some errands for the AP's, had 2 sets of Exchanges, and still managed to work our way to the top of the boards! We almost hit the Standard of Excellence in our Mish, its like the Goals for everything, so we were super pumped because we didn't even get to work full out in our area this week! The best part of this week though was getting to go back to my area which is like next door haha. I worked with my Dirty Australian of a pal Elder O'Connor there, and it was legit! We visited Brother Conrad (the guy with Cancer) and the Magallon Family! Brother Conrad was excited to see me ha and we had a great lesson about the Priesthood. We told him that we know if he keeps on the path he is on, one day he'll be able to receive this Sacred Authority from God! He was so pumped up haha. After the lesson we were asking him how he was doing with all the Commandments and such, and then Elder O'Connor asked him about how his Grape Juice was (this member brought him this big jug of Pure Grape Juice from the States as a gift. Its super expensive here) that he had out. It was out on his table, so he grabbed it and handed it to us. Then he said he feels wierd when he drinks it, so he'll only drink like a glass a day or so. We thought that was a little wierd, I opened her up and gave her a good whiff...turns out that stuff fermented REAL good haha! We told him that Grapes ferment after a period of time (like 2 weeks ha) of being left out in the heat. So in the end he decided to toss it hahaha good choice my friend! Don't think you can get baptized if you keep that one up! And our lesson with the Magallons later on that night was legit of course! So good to teach them again. I miss my area :( So ya thats the update for this week. Hope y'all are good back at home! Miss you guys. Heard that the SeaHawks lost...thats what they get for knockin my Cowboys out. Much Love!
Elder Akins

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