Monday, January 26, 2015

1st Zone Training and other Meetings

Pretty jam packed week this week. We had a meeting with our Sister Training Leader's on Tuesday to prepare for our Missionary Leadership Conference on Wednesday, which went well. President gave us a few new rules for our mission, and cleared up some old ones that some Ronny's here weren't following. He also gave a Workshop on Increasing Your Teaching Pool with the AP's. It was a pretty sweet meeting, being there with all the Great's in the Mission. Lots of them are my good friends so it was fun to see them all and talk with them. Me and Elder Pasadillo have been planning really hard this past week, and we came up with this great Action Plan that we are implementing with our Zone. We also had a great meeting with our District Leaders yesterday night after our Zone Training which was legit. We discussed some concerns in our Zone and listened to our District Leaders in what they thought, then together came up with this plan to report the amount of people we've tracted daily, and out of that amount how many allowed us to come back on a later date. So we'll see if our Planning went well or if it went all for nothing. I haven't been this tired in my whole Mission yet, Physically or Mentally. But Spiritually I'm up in the clouds. Man I love listening to President Guanzon when he speaks to us. There's always stuff I'm learning from him. Such an amazing man. I also had Interviews with him this past week. Ha it was more of like asking me how I was and then him telling me that he's happy I haven't been on Facebook...uh ya ha thanks President? Just made me laugh, ha he said everythings well and just to keep on doing the things I've been doing and I'll be fine. He was pressed on time I guess haha. But thats alright, the one at the end of the Mission's the one that matters. Oh and our Zone Training that we put on went very well. Its so much easier now for me to talk in front of people now, but I can't wait to just not have to worry about meetings and stuff like that anymore. Now I look at the younger missionaries here and think "Just enjoy your time as a Jr., it doesn't get much better than that!" Oh well, times a tickin so I'll make the most of her while I'm still preaching the Gospel! Nothing beats this Work! I love it!
Love Elder Akins

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