Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

Had a pretty good week this week. We found some New Investigators, one in particular with a Word of Wisdom problem. We descerned in the first lesson that he wanted to stop so we invited him and he commited to us that he would abstain from those problems he has. We are gonna be trying our best to help him these coming weeks, his name is Salvador. I had the oppurtunity to go on exchanges twice this week, once with a new trainee and the other with my batch Elder Cameron. Elder Gonzalez is the new trainee, and he's a major stud! Kids got tons of potential, wouldn't suprise me to see him become the AP here after I leave. It was fun to see the fire he has, kinda like when I first got here. Sometimes I see myself just get into the Old Missionary lull, so I think it helped me to realize that I gotta have that fire all the time! I think I really got into it when we were teaching the Magallons, but I gotta find it again. Then at the end of the week I went with Cameron, and we had lots of fun! His area is way out in the boonies, ended up gettin a little lost ha but we found the way again. We found a new Family this week too! So excited to start teaching them! We've taught a little about the first lesson with them, and they are really interested. Sadly we can only teach on Sundays because Brother has work all week, he's only home on Sunday. We'll see how it goes. Not much went down on New Years, watched some fireworks then went to sleep. The fireworks here are so loud ha I swear I thought the Chinese were invading this week! And the best thing that happened this week was Brother Conrad, the one who has cancer, was able to come to Church this sunday! He really tries hard to make it every week, but his pain is really uncomfortable. Hes such a stud though, everytime we go to his house he's always reading the Book of Mormon and always has something new to share with us that he read! I love the Mission! These 2 years are something I'd never give up! Thanks for all the support and love guys, and I hope everyone has a Happy 2015! Also shoutout to Booties Frei and his new wife and Lexi Bunting and her new husband for gettin hitched this week! Next up TJ Larson!!!
Love Elder Akins

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