Monday, January 12, 2015

Transferred Again

Alright well I'm gettin transferred this tuesday to who knows where. I'll keep ya filled in on the det's next week. Wish me luck though! So I had a cool opportunity to work with my Trainer again on Exchanges this week. We had a lot of fun, and its good now that we can communicate a lot better than back when I didn't know Tagalog haha. We met up with the other AP's and ate at this nice restaurant for dinner. We just sat there cracking each other up for the whole time, and me talking smack on Elder Tevaga haha. It was a super good day, its always a cool opportunity to work with you old companions and stuff like that, its kinda like going back in time. The other day during my Language Study time I was sitting outside of our apartment with one of our old neighbor guys who I love talking to, practicing my Tagalog and talking about how things are back in Utah. He was really interested in our farming and stuff. We talked about guns and all sorts of stuff. I love that guy haha I'm sad I gotta leave him and all the other people I get to know really well. Thats what I really love about the Philippines, I just get tight with the randomness of people haha. He's the guy who hooked me up some Carabao Horns ha hopefully those make it through Customs. I'm gonna miss this place for sure. We also did a Service Project for the Magallons this week, clearing weeds in the backyard so they can plant vegetables and stuff this year. I always love doing Service Projects...especially if its for them ha! And like I said I'm leaving so we came back that night and taught a lesson on Missionary Work and talked about how they were Fruits of that Work. I committed them to doing Missionary Work, living the Gospel and staying true to the Gospel their whole lives. I think it was meant to be that we knew each other. I'll never forget them and the many happy memories we shared with them in that little cement house. Gosh dang I hate leaving people! The good news is I'll be able to stop by and say hi anytime that I come through because they live in Daraga and we're always here for meetings and stuff! Yay! Saw 2 drunk guys get into a fight this week too, way sketchy. We hightailed it outta there ha we were going to teach one of our investigators but decided it to better to come back the next day. Well the end of this week was full of tears, I'm gonna miss this Ward! This Ward is just so special, my companions next companion is super lucky. I'll miss these people so much, thats gotta be the hardest thing about Missions, leaving people you come to love and know so well. I don't like it at all. But life goes on, and thats the way God wants it to be I guess. All is well. Love you all. Take care this week!
Love Elder Akins

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