Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year to All!

Well I've been thinking about my New Years Resolution, and I've decided that if I finish my Mission strong, that should be good enough for a resolution. Now just gotta put the wheels into motion! Ha well it was quite the week. We found some pretty crazy investigators. For example, we had a guy tell us he couldn't come to church because he can hardly walk, he can barely get out to the gate and back to his house without it hurting. About and hour later we saw him at a tindahan smoking a big fat one by himself...its about a half a mile from his house! Ha we laughed as we approached him and asked him how he got there! He was kinda shell shocked that we found him haha. The other guy we found told us this story about how he saw UFO's...twice! Then told us this idea he had about how maybe Jesus Christ was made by aliens, I don't know where he got that crazy idea. But all in all they are both families, so we are working with them all to get them to progress. I spent Christmas Eve trying to gig frogs and salamanders as we walked from appointment to appointment with a bamboo stick, good times on the mount! That night I took time to read and ponder on all 3 accounts of the Savior's Birth from the Scriptures, it was a good experience for me, first time I've done that by myself ha. It made me think back to Christmas's with the family and how we'd always read the Luke version before we'd go to bed. No presents for Christmas from Santa or the family, but our apartment did do a little gift exchange so we did get something. We also played a Christmas Basketball Game early in the morning with the AP's, that was pretty fun. I beat my trainer in 1x1 too, so he owes me "Daddy Points". We had an awesome District Meeting that morning too, I wore my Santa hat and a beard the whole meeting. We did some fun practice teaching in front of the District, me and my comp and the ZL's being the actors. A well done performance if I do say so myself. And then Skype the next day was legit! I talked with the Family for a bit, then the Cloward's showed up too. It was good to see them, I miss you guys! After that we had a Service Project for the Magallon's, we just spent it cutting weeds with our machetes for like 2 hours. It was good to give some service to them, they've been going through a rough patch right now with the loss of Brother's mother. So we've been making sure they are doing well and what not. They are super active, so glad that they're members of the True Church now! Well not much else has been going down. My shoes are getting to the point where I'm thinking about gettin em restitched here with airplane tires (that's really what they do), cuz they ain't got tread no more ha! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! Light some nice fireworks off for me!

Love ya!
Elder Akins

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