Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving/The Magallon's Baptism

Best week in the Mish no doubt! Last Monday I was in the grocery store in the Mall here in Legazpi and I found some Smuckers Apricot Jam!!! So that definitely started the week off well. On Tuesday I had Exchanges with my "Uncle Hatch" the AP. We had a blast tracting the WHOLE day haha thier area is the worst. Mostly because they never have time to work in it, the other because its the rich neighborhood of Daraga/Legazpi. I almost got bit by a dog too, the chain was longer that I thought when I went to call this old lady out of her house to introduce ourselves. God had me on that one ha missed me by about 3 inches. We also had some deep talks about the Mission and Life. He's leaving tomorrow so he'd been working really hard this past week. I can't believe he's leaving, and I can't imagine what its gotta be like leaving the Mission. Sure aint' gonna be easy! Thanksgiving was below par, but as far as I hear it beat Bunting's out on his ghetto island in Tonga! We found some corn, taters, and some pineapple pie. We had some toccino which is a sweet pork kinda dish, so good. It was the closest we could get to Ham. It wasn't like back in Kanab but it got the job done. The really big news is the Magallons got baptized on Saturday! WHOOHOO!!! I was so excited. I baptized the 2 girls and my comp baptized Brother and Sister. I think that will be my favorite part of my whole Mission. I've never felt such happiness! The Baptism was beautiful , I only had to baptize the oldest girl twice but thats alright. They all bore such amazing humble testimonies. I will never forget Brother thanking Heavenly Father for Missionary Work. I can see how much their testimonies have grown since we started with them. Such an amazing experience. Brother is now an Aaronic Priesthood holder, and they are also making preparations for going to the Temple next December! And the other good news is I'm staying here again this transfer! My trainee is leaving me here in Daraga. So glad I get to be here with the Magallon's for a while longer. I love the Mission!!!
Hope Thanksgiving was great and you guys played some football!
Love Elder Akins

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