Monday, November 24, 2014

Baptismal Interview Passed

This week was very exciting here in Daraga! To start the week off I went on Exchanges with some goof off Elders in my District. Not much bad stuff happened, I just had to push the one kid I was with to tract because suprisingly it seemed like he hadn't done that for awhile. All of our plans fell apart, which always seems to happen on Exchanges, then I was asking him what we were gonna do and all he could say was, " I don't know." So I had to take the reins. We had some fun though while we tracted the rest of the day. We found this Indian family who couldn't understand Tagalog so we had to stammer it all out in English, so hard. Turns out they're all of them here. I guess at first the dad thought we were secret agents or something because he kept asking me for ID ha? That night me and Elder Kelly (office Elder) talked until like midnight ha way bad idea. He just got me going on hunting and we talked about guns and reloading and all sorts of stuff. Regardless of being tired the next day, it was worth it ha. We've been finishing up the lessons with the Magallon Family this week. My favorite lesson was on Tuesday when we taught them about the Temple. They are super excited to go there, I can't wait for them too! Hopefully next December they will be able to. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be one of the missionaries that taught them, they are such an amazing family! They just want to change everything and be better! Brother Victor asked if he could borrow some Church CDs so that he could play that when they are home instead of all that other stuff that kids are listenin to. So much garbage out there in the world, and I'm so glad that theres a way to escape all of it...I guess I should say ways. They also passed their Baptismal Interviews on Saturday, so they're all clear for Baptism this Saturday. Just to give you another idea of how they are, when Elder Cameron (my Zone Leader/Batch) was interviewing Sister Mildred he asked her if she had committed any serious crimes...she replied "Yes, I spanked the kids when they were younger." Ha they're super awesome! We were tracting one night and happened to see a Quack Doctor doing some weird Voodoo rituals in this one house...we walked back like 2 more times just to investigate. Super weird ha tell ya about it after the Mish. My District Meeting went well this week. We've got most issues sorted out ha. My DL's Message was on Genuine Love. I shared St.John 15:9-13 which I really like and told them how much I look up to the Savior, after all he is the Prime Example. He said it himself "What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily, verily I say unto you even as I am." I especially love verse 13...kinda makes me think of my family and friends...especially my BOYZ!!! #POWELL2015 Well in other big news, Pacquio won his fight against Algerie yesterday...I think thats why the 2nd Ward's Sacrament Attendance was low...But I'm glad he won, everyones so much more happy when he does ha. Love you all, hope this Holiday Season's got your spirits flying high...not so much here on account of I'm still wondering how Thanksgivings gonna be here. But thats what the Missions all about, Sacrifice!
Love Elder Akins

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