Monday, February 9, 2015

Its Gonna Be a White Valentines!

Well guys I got some great news for y'all! This Saturday we are gonna be having 3 Baptisms in our Ward, one for each companionship! The Sisters have a single man who is ready, me and my companion have a part member kid who's finally ready haha he's super crazy but passed his interview, and the final candidate is from my old area. If you remember Brother Conrad, the man who has cancer, well he's been cleared by our Mission President for Baptism! And he's asked me to baptize him! So I'm so excited for him! We started teaching him way back at the time we started with the Magallon Family, and now all his stuff with his wife is cleared up so he can be baptized! He's so happy and excited, he came to Church on Sunday and that's all he talked about with me the whole time! His story is really amazing, and I'm so glad that I got to be part of his conversion. He's just one of those people where I've really seen True Conversion happen, just makes me all the more happy that I came on a Mission! Well other than all that good stuff, I turned 20 this past week. The AP's and the Office Elders took us and Elder O'Connor and Elder Mallabo to this super amazing Buffet in Legazpi, its actually inside a 4 star hotel. We joked about how it looks a lot like the Great and Spacious Building, but in the end it sure was good food and we had lots of fun. They pulled a quick one on me and told the waitress it was my BDay, but at least it wasn't as embarrassing as that time we got Sammy Walton to ride the Saddle for his BDay at Texas Roadhouse (Shout out to my Boys, BroHouse when I get back?!). Also this week we went on exchanges in the farthest part of our Zone to a place called Donsol, and also a place called Pilar. Donsol is actually the Whale Shark Capital of the World and its the nicest place I've been so far in the Philippines ha. It took us 2 hours on top of a Jeepney to get there. The beach looked great, it kinda reminded me of my first area. I went with Elder Christofferson (my batch!) and his comp Elder Lonjas. We had a good day of work and I did a Baptismal Interview for one of their investigators. The next day we traveled to Pilar and worked with the Elders there. Me and the Elder I was with found quite a few service opportunities while we were proselyting, like for example we helped an old Nanay carry this big log to her house along the road, then we helped some kids cross the highway and carried their jugs of water for them, and lastly we helped this Investigator dig out some clay behind his house so he can widen his house...white shirts and all. Just another week in the life of a Zone Leader I guess. Love you all, thanks for all the Birthday wishes, you guys are the best!
Love Elder Akins

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