Monday, April 7, 2014

The Sorsogon Life

Hey everyone! The work here in Sorsogon is going great! I'm loving it! We are starting to gain some good investigators from 2 weeks worth of tracting and contacting referrals. Lots of walking haha. One day while tracting me and Elder Vaki were walking past these old peoples house that were sittin out front on the porch. He asked me if we wanted to tract it. I said sure. One of our strategies is to ask for random people, then when they don't know them we just go right in on who we are and just kinda open the door that way. Well I sarcastically said to my comp,"Ask for Frodo Baggins haha." He really did it. I couldn't help but pretend to be coughing while he talked to them. Then, while looking confused, they asked if he was a kid. My comp then brought his hand to about stomach height and told them he was about this tall. I started coughing again. We left a pamphlet with them and got a return appointment. Man it was funny. He kept it straight the whole time. Some other good news, we got one of our awesome investigators to come to Church, Jene Carlo. Hes an 18 year old kid and wants to join our Church and has even talked to us about serving a Mission! The rest are still kinda new so we haven't gotten them to come yet. Hopefully next week! We've also got a lot of less-actives to come to Church. One is Brother Arnold. He has been LA for almost 30 years. Last week he had a near death experience and survived so he took that as a 2nd chance that God had given him. In our first lesson with him he broke down and cried and told us how bad he wanted to change. It was an awesome lesson. He told us he wants to return to the Temple with his family too. After planning the other day we had some time before bed. My comp is way good at singing and stuff so we randomly made a song...its called "Living The Santa Clara Way". I'll have to show ya when I get home . . . hopefully I can learn Guitar when I get back too so I can play it haha. Oh and this week I finally touched a Piano after 5 years of just lookin at them in disgust. I played the right hand of some songs just messing around so I thought I was doing pretty good. I should've kept playing, my bad Mom haha. And the last and greatest thing that happened this week was Breakfest the other day...I finally had Bacon with some Eggs after 6 months. Me and Vaki saved up our money so we could buy good! And General Conference is this week, so stoked! Love you guys! I'm excited to hear about all the Mission calls that are coming in! Good luck to you guys! Ingat kayo!
Elder Akins

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