Monday, April 14, 2014

General Conference and a Bible Bashing Baptist (AKA Preacher Dale)

Well I sure had some crazy stuff happen this week. One story in particular will have to wait until I get home. Lets just say it involves a crazy lady taking a bath in the park. But anyways, the highlight of the week was definately Conference. But before I begin my shpeal on that, I'll talk about our work here in Sorsogon. Pretty much our work is dead because everyone is on vacation, or avoiding us, take your pick. But thats ok, because me and Elder Vaki found the worlds greatest Golden Investigator this week. His name is Edwin Dugin. The Sisters in our District referred him to us after he read one of the Sisters PMG book. Anyways we went to him and we just talked to him about how families can be together forever and how God is our Loving Heavenly Father. After we asked him if he had any questions for us. Long story short we had an hour lesson answering his amazing questions. I'm pretty sure he read the whole PMG from what he was asking us haha. We invited him to Baptism at the end he accepted willingly. When I gave him a date he went over to his calender and circled the date with enthusiasm. Me and Vaki just looked at each other like, "This guys legit." He even asked us when we held our Church services before we even invited him haha and he even thought that we wouldn't be there, he thought he was ridin solo or something haha! He told us he would bring his 3 kids, but his wife he wasn't sure about. So he said he would talk to her to get her to listen to us. We are so stoked for this guy! Man he's awesome. But on the opposite side, we really got an earful from the man I like to call "Preacher Dale". We were tracting last week when we called on this one house and this lady walked out. We started to say we were Missionaries when she ran inside and called for someone. Then this big, fat white guy comes out and invites us in, without knowing who or what we are. Then he says to his wife,"Honey, get my Bible." Well come to find out he's a Baptist Preacher here. Straight up this guy is a Ronny if I ever met one. He threw out the ghettoist doctrine on us. Before he even started we knew what was gonna happen, so I told him our purpose wasn't to come here and compare doctrine and fight and stuff, we just wanted to share our message. But he went at it anyways. It was hard enough trying to teach in English, but all he wanted to do was get us mad or something. We had to just sit there and listen while he asked us dumb stuff. When he couldn't remember a scripture or something he brought his laptop out and started to look up who knows what so he could use that stuff on us haha. So ghetto. We just took it and didn't let it get to us...well I didn't. My comp is Tongan mind you so he was a little ticked off after we left. Haha but on Saturday and Sunday we got a boost from the REAL Church of Jesus Christ! And actually, Elder Holland's talk was pretty much directed at us haha so sick. He is such a powerful speaker. Besides that talk, I also really like Elder Eyrings talk about Heros. I loved how he related Joe DiMaggio. It made me think of some of my heros, especially of my neighborhood ones: Devin Gubler, Reggie Gates, and Austin Ovard. I used to envy those guys. Such studs. They played a big role in me serving a Mission, so I'd just like to give them a big thanks for all they've done for me. They are just a couple of my many heros. Also my Dad, I really look up to him. He has basically shaped me into what I am today, so a huge thanks to him. Love you Dad. I also loved Sister Linda S. Reeves talk, and of course Elder Bednar's talk. He convinced me of getting a 4x4 truck when I get home...big thanks to him. Well I love you all and am so grateful for all your prayers and support. Let us all strive to live what we have learned in this past General Conference to make this world a much better place! Have a great week!
Elder Akins
PS Manny Pacquio won against Bradley yesterday in 2 rounds I heard. Thats huge. I think thats why everyone left after the first Session of Conf. yesterday. Filipinos.

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