Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week

Lately the weather has been weird here. We've gotten a lot of rain, but its summer here. It should be scorching hot, but its usually overcast...weird. But our work is going well. Our numbers have increased every week so we are happy. Its getting people to Church that is the hard thing. Our area is the farthest from the Church. But we are gonna keep tryin with everyone. I had another interview with President Guanzon this week. Hes so awesome, I love talking to him. Before the interview I was nervous for no reason, but the instant I walked into the room to talk with him I felt calm and peaceful. Hes way sweet. The other day I heard some good Country music, made my day/week. I started singing way loud, my comp just looked at me like I was an idiot. I couldn't help it though haha its been months since I've heard good stuff like that. On "Good Friday" we worked until 6. We were given a Curfew which kinda cramped our work. We just chilled that night and went to bed early. That was nice and well needed. I bought a watermelon that day to, man it was good. I wish I would've had Dad's watermelon choosing skills though, it could've been better I think. Sacrament Meeting this week was weird, none of the talks were about Easter subjects. Don't ask me why, its just the Philippines. There is no Easter holiday here. The Catholics are like the only ones who have a celebration here. They have a parade and walk all over town wearing no shoes. Theres some guys who walk around and whip themselves and do other weird stuff. They feel like they need to feel what Jesus felt...which is totally an OxyMoron. Theres even a few guys who crucify themselves somewhere in my Mission, maybe I'll see em next Easter. And on Sunday we also got to teach our most Progressing Investigator, Brother Edwin. He's such a stud. Hopefully we can get his whole family in the lessons. He's pretty much the reason I'm our here I think haha! He's way Golden. Hope everyone had an awesome Easter. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He is the only way we can return to our Father in Heaven. Without Him, this life would have no purpose. So I know He is our Savior. I love you all and hope you are all doing well!
Elder Akins

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