Monday, March 31, 2014

Sorsogon 1C with Elder Vaki

Transfers went alright. Leaving Gubat sucked way bad. We decided to ride the Jeepney one last time on topload. As we were going out of Gubat I saw Tatay Pimentel on his bike going to work. He stopped and waved and gave me victory kisses haha I was starting to tear up. Then we got to the Pimentel's house down the road. As we were passing it I saw Sharmain, one of the daughters, our front washing. She looked at me, smiled and waved bye. Then I lost it haha. I hope someday I will see these people again, they so amazing! Well Transfer time came and we were all sitting in the church hall in Sorsogon. I was sitting behind Elder Haymond (MTC comp) and his comp...Elder Vaki. They started to read the names of the people leaving Sorsogon Zone. My name was not read. I thought I might have missed hearing my name. But then they read those coming into Sorsogon. Now me and Elder Vaki AKA Elder Haymonds last comp, are now together. It was the craziest thing. Also Elder Christopherson (other MTC comp) is now in my old house with Elder Wilcox, and they are with my old comp and this other white boy. Gubats in good hands I guess. After the Announcement I finally got my BDay package...and my Valentines. I've been waiting for that for awhile. Me and Vaki went to our area and he showed me around. We've got a pretty good area. Its mostly in the Subs of Sorsogon, which means people who can actually make it to church because they got money. We did a lot of tracting too this week, they got no new investigators here. We managed to find like 5 new ones, plus we contacted some Referrals. So hopefully we can get the ball rollin and get some good work done. I also found a Hotel in our area called Santa Clara. Its been 7 and a half months since I've seen a sign that says that haha. And just to make everyone laugh, I have finally changed my hairstyle...the Ronny one eyed barber gave me a chop of a haircut. So now I look Macklemore (old folks ask the young kids who that is) mixed with a Marine...its not to bad actually. I'll send some pics hopefully of it next week. I love you guys and hope life is going well back at home! Shoutout to "Kevin" Gubler who just made it home off of the Mish. Don't get married to fast buddy!
Elder Akins

The sign says, "It's okay to pee here, but only a little . . . thanks."

I also found a Hotel in our area called Santa Clara.


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