Monday, March 3, 2014

To Family, Friends, and You Other Ronnys Out There in the Mission Field

Well sickness has finally struck me. I was hoping to make it the whole 2, but it wasn't so. Here we call it y'all back in the good ole US of A its the Common Cold. I'm fine during the day because its so warm here, but in the mornings and night its like I'm a dog yackin on a bone (Christman Vacation-Snots). Anyways I still manage to fall asleep so thats good. It takes me back to those days when I was sick and Dad got mad at me because I made so much noise at night haha! But its almost gone so I think I'ma be okay. On Wednesday we had the one of the 70's for our area come and speak to us, Elder Ian S. Ardern. He had a wonderfully difficult accent due to his upbringing in New Zealand. It was hard for some of the Filipinos to understand him haha so that was funny. When they did this section for some of the Missionaries to come up and share a favorite scripture and talk about it he pointed right at me. I froze, but then he said "That young sister there" so I was like whew that was a close one. She got up and talked and sat down. Then he looks out over us...then says "That Elder there" as he looks right at me. Crap, I go to stand up but the kid in front of me goes up so I was like "Shoot dang". Then he gets up and sits down. The last one I was like there is no way...but he looks at me...and then calls my companion from the MTC, Elder Haymond, who was sitting behind me too haha man it was close. I was scared to say the least haha. Anyways the talks were really good and I learned a lot from Elder Ardern. Hopefully some of the Missionaries in my mission listened too. On Thursday I was walking through my favorite part of my area, Gumang, when I heard some familiar sounds. Well I ended up walking up on some nice turkeys, right here in the Philippines. I even got the old Tom to gobble for me and my comp haha it was great. It took me back to last years hunt with Bunting and Trevor Moss haha! That same day we went to visit some of the older ladies in the ward and some of their friends. One of them is Sister Salvan, and Sister Salvan is also the mother of our investigator who will be baptized this Saturday, Alex. I'm very excited for that! Anyways Sister Salvan is pretty awesome and funny. She doesn't like Baka (cow meat) only Baboy (pig meat), and she is convinced that I am crazy because I was born in Febuary?...anyways the only sad thing about her is she has really bad Cataracts in her eyes. But everytime I see her she reminds me of the Roy D. Mercer bit about "Cadillacs" in his wifes eyes (if you don't know who that is I highly suggest you look him up). Haha but she is really awesome and I love talking with her. And the other big highlight of my week was yesterday. Yesterday I had the oppurtunity of going on splits with my recent convert into our Church, Emmanuel. He is very special to me, and is really progressing in the Church. We had so many appointments me and Elder Caguimbal split up. Me and Emmanuel went and taught his friend that we've been teaching, Kim. Before the lesson I assigned him to teach about the Atonement and to testify the best he could. The lesson was one of the most Spiritual of my Mission so far! He nailed it and I was able to talk without sounding to ghetto haha. We really did good so I was really proud of him! I love you all so much and want you all to know that I love this Gospel so much! We are so blessed to have this knowledge and happiness in our lives! Thanks for all of your support and love! Much love to you all! Mahal ko kayo! Kita kits sa susunod lingo!
Elder Akins

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