Monday, March 17, 2014

Highlight of the Week: Exchanges with an American

This week was really awesome. I started the week out on Exchanges with Elder Wilcox. We worked in his area. The whole time while walking to appointments we just swapped stories back and forth about High School, Hunting, Fishing, Sports and all the normal stuff. I felt to good to finally talk to someone for awhile who was actually interested in my stories. We had some much fun! And our lessons were the bomb! Especially our lesson to a Less-Active Family about the Atonement! We both bore such strong Testimonies, it was awesome. The family actually gave us both these sick seashells after the lesson, so it was pretty great. At night we ran out of appointments so we just started Tracting. We came up with this awesome strategy too. So as we were walking around I noticed this lady sellling "Fishballs" (Deep Fried Batter Mix Stuff that are my favorite). I said to E. Wilcox,"Man, I'm kinda hungry." He told me we could get some but I just told him when we come back by we would. So we walked to this last appointment that fell through, then walked back by. He came up with this awesome idea, he said,"You break the ice by buying some Fishballs, then I'll OYM (Open Your Mouth) them." So I walked up, bought some, asked her which sauce was the best to put on it, complimented on how good her Fishballs were and just started talking to her. Then E. Wilcox came in and handled the rest. It went perfect! We talked with her for awhile about her and her family and stuff, then introduced the Gospel. By then like 12 other people were listening to us so it was pretty cool. We gave as many people as we could Pass-Along cards and stuff and then set up a return appointment for the lady. After, we just looked at each other and high-fived. We spread the Gospel, she got money, and I got my favorite snack, everyone won! But the next day we had something sad happen to us. We lost one of my favorite investigators who I've been trying so hard to get her to accept and follow our teachings over my whole 6 months here in Gubat. Sadly she wasn't progressing. Her husband lives in Manila, and one day he came home and found out that she was taking lessons from us. She had told us it was ok with him, but when he came home he got mad at her and told her we couldn't come back. Even though she wasn't really progressing, she was still sad to tell us we couldn't come back and teach her. Hopefully one day here husband will come around and something will happen. But on the good side we gained a couple of awesome new investigators. They all accepted the Baptismal Date we set for them, April 19, so I'm super stoked for that...even though I probably won't be here anymore haha. And to end this email on an even better note, I got hugged by a drunk guy this week, and he told me I was his best friend! I guess its my charm really, I don't even have to say things to people and they automatically become my best friend! Haha well I hope everyone is loving life! I love you all and I'm so grateful for this oppurtunity I have to serve the Lord and the wonderful people of the Philippines! Ingat kayo at mahal kita!
Elder Akins

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