Monday, March 10, 2014

Baptism of Alex Salvan!

The highlight of this week was our Baptism, but we will get to that later. I'll just start at the first of the week. On Tuesday I went on Exchanges with Elder Celiz. He is training an American/Filipino or Foreignoy as its called here. Elder Celiz is the exact opposite of me though. He is almost half of my height, probably like 225 lbs, and speaks no English. But he's the nicest kid I've meet out here so far! We talked the whole time, which was much different from my comp right now. We had a great time, and the Spirit was in our lessons for sure! That same day I saw a Filipino kid runnin around in a Dan Marino Dolphins Jersey...I didn't know they even made those any more?! On Wednesday the other Filipino in my apartment, E. Gutierrez, finally got his package (mine still hasn't come). Lets just say his parents have money to spare...I think I could have fit my self into his package and mailed myself home if I wanted to. It was huge to say the least. We spent the good portion of our time that night roasting marshmallows that were in his package. The next day I met an old Filipino guy who lived in Reno, Nevada for 42 years. He was pretty funny to talk to. He said that some Mormon guy from Utah was coming to do some business with him in June, to bad I more than likely won't be here. I referred him to the other Elders so hopefully they can get a hold of him soon. A lot of the "rich" people here have Turkeys, so I've been hearing some Toms gobblin hard sometimes when we are out working. Its kinda wierd though...wheres the sage brush? And the best thing that happened this week was our Baptism of Alex Salvan on saturday! He asked me to baptize him so I was pretty stoked! He was kinda nervous so the first thing he did when he got into the font was to try and baptize himself by "bending his knees" as we had gone over with him before the service. Haha luckily I had my hand on his back so he didn't go down. But all went well and we got him confirmed the next day and now he is an official member of the true church! He's definitely going to be a future church leader here in Gubat one day! And on Sunday we contacted some Referrals we had recieved from a member in a part of our area that I've never even been to! But we found them and they were super excited to hear from us so I'm way excited to begin teaching them! They aren't super dirt poor either so I think they should be able to make it to church regularly! Thats pretty much all the good stuff that happened this week. Also in my Personal Study this week I found the real reason why I decided to spend my time hunting and fishing in High School then on girls. I refer you to Proverbs 21:19. It really boosted my spirits. I'm grateful for all of your love and support and I love you all! All of you have a great week!

Elder Akins

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