Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Week Here in the Pines

Well I screwed up my butt muscles for about half the day on Tuesday. I had to sit on a coconut during a chairs here. The lesson went well, she is a new investigator and hopefully she will want to continue...but my butt hurt like heck after, seriously. On our way to the lesson after that I found a monkey tied up in someones yard. I guess the people had him as a pet? Took some pics, but didn't touch him. The villagers said he is really angry...his name is MoyMoy haha. On Wednesday I went on Exchanges with my ZL, Elder Makihele. He's super sick, Tongan too. The ZL's area sucks so we tracted a ton. Met some drunk people who had no idea what was going on, the usual. I also had my first real hard rejection...never had a door closed on me. I'm glad I'm in the country, everyone's nicer in the country. On Friday it rained pretty hard. I don't have an umbrella anymore, if you'll refer to my email about 2 months ago you'll see I have no patience with the cheap umbrellas here. Anyways I got soaked. At first I was trying to stay under my comp's umbrella but after awhile I just gave up and took it. I'm glad my bags water resistant though. I am no longer an alien in our main area Gumang. Everyone knows me, and they don't stare at me anymore which is pretty nice. Right now me and E. Caguimbal are helping one of the member kids get ready to serve his own mission. Alvin Fediliaga, he is way sweet and I love the kid to death. He is having a hard time though because his brother doesn't support him in it...his brother just happens to be and investigator too so that makes things awkward. And the best part of the week was this morning when we played Basketball. Elder Wilcox went to block my dope Iverson Finger-Roll and ended up throwin a 'bow at my eye. Now I got myself a nice little Shiner! Shes a buet' thats for sure. And it gets better, we have a Mission Tour meeting on Wednesday! So hopefully shes gone by then, otherwise I'll be gettin some Smart comments from my batch and others. But regardless, the work goes on! My area is amazing, and I love every bit of it out here. I'm very grateful for Prayer and for the Love of our Heavenly definately gets me through the hard times! I love you all and miss you so much! If you have time please look up Alma 26:37, it was a good scrip for me this week. Mahal Kita! Ingat Po Kayo!
Elder Akins

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