Monday, February 10, 2014


This week is Transfer week...and I will still be styaing in Gubat! I was so nervous that I would have to leave, I love it here so much! The members are the coolest people ever! I love them to death! This week we found a new Investigator named Kim. Kim is actually the daughter of one of our other Investigators, and she has been living life on the wrong path really. In our first lesson about the Restoration she was so interested the whole time! We had our new Convert and one of her good friends Emmanuel in the lesson too! She was really excited for the second lesson about the Plan of Salvation. I bore my testimony about those friends and family members I've lost, and that I know I will see them again. After the lesson she talked to me about how she was feeling in the lesson and at that moment, she said she felt so different when she was listening to us! I then explained to her that that was the Holy Ghost! She is really progressing, so I'm really excited for her. The other day I was walking through Gumang and some Ronny was listening to some old classic rock on the radio, the song was actually "Smoke on the Water" by Dio. And I only know this because my Father has tried countless times to bring over to his side of bad it was some good ole Country! On Feb. 8th, which just so happens to be my Birthday, I woke up with a nice little headache. After trying to sleep it off for an hour I decided to just deal with it, it eventually went away. Another cool story that happened this week was one of our Less Active's wife, who isn't a member, has been having struggles with Breast Cancer. And of course, they have no money to pay for treatments or anything so they had no idea what to do. Then the other day this Medical company from the US showed up in Gubat and started to free work on people! It was amazing! Tons of people with all kinds of sicknesses were there and getting treated. Anyways she went to see if anything could be done for her. As she was sitting in line she decided to say a prayer for help. She found out that they would take out the cancer for free! And the long story short she got it all taken care of and is healthy as a horse now! We taught a lesson to them about prayer, not knowing about her prayer, and thats when she told us about that! I told my story of when I was a kid and I sat next to a Rattlesnake in Pinto and I prayed that the Lord would help me! It was an awesome lesson! And to end on a funny note I, on average, see 3 drunk guys a day. Its halarious to watch them walk around, sometimes they drip and fall haha! The best is when they try and talk to ya though haha so funny! Well thanks for all the B-Day wishes, I'll be expecting all my presents when I get home...haha just kidding! I love you all and pray for you constantly!
Love Elder Akins

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