Monday, February 3, 2014

Almost 6 Months In!

Hows everyone back at home?! I sure do miss you guys! This week we had some really good progression with our work. We baptized 2 kids whose family's are less active. We are hoping the parents will start to attend church again, the older sister has been with the kids so thats good. We found a family of 7 that are really interested and accepted our baptismal invitation to them. Last week our mission had its first Leadership Training. My comp is a District Leader so I attended it with him. President Guanzon and the AP's spoke to us, it was really awesome. I wrote down a freakin ton of stuff, hopefully I'll be able to use if I ever get called to a leadership position. Today we played basketball with some of the guys from Gumang like we usually do. But this time we played at their court. Its all dirt and the hoop is probably 11 feet instead of 10. But its cool. I played with the Gumang kids, against the other 3 missionaries. I would say we won. They are pretty agressive haha. I've also found my new favorite smell...the little breadshops in the cities and stuff. The bread here is amazing for some would think all they got here to eat is dog and fish and rice but for some reason Filipinos make way good bread. I miss you all tons and hope Santa Clara is just the way I left it. I'm so glad that I chose to come on a Mission, its the best thing any young man or woman could ever do! I hope all of you teenagers out there are considering a Mission, it will change your life! I love this Gospel so much! Love you all!
Elder Akins

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