Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week 5!!!! One more and we gone!

          Kamusta Pamilia at mga Kaibigan!
(Whats Up Family and Friends)

Life is good! We leave in 1 week! I'm so excited. Our Flight Plans came yesterday! Can't wait! This past week has been the craziest so far. So much has happened. So on Tuesday we moved from the Main Campus over to West Campus. Before we left on Monday we said goodbye to the older Districts that were departing for the Philippines. There were some really cool Elders that I'm gonna miss. Before we left though, we pulled a prank on the Elders upstairs. We stole all of their shower curtains and hid them, and duck taped the shower heads, haha! We got em good. Also before we left, one of my companions cousins came into the MTC named Elder Bunker. I didn't know his real name so I called him Elder Dale Bunker. While he was talking to my companion, I got everyone in our Zone to shake his hand and act like he was some kind of famous person. It was halarious. He had no idea what was going on. Also before I left, I got my first hair cut that wasn't from Mom. The lady did a pretty good job actually. I have also changed my hairstyle for the first time. I kinda like fohawk it a little. Its a pretty good looking. My facial hair is growing at a much faster rate now. I shave like every 3 days instead of a week. I'm convinced that I will be able to grow an amazing mustache when I come back.  So anyways, we moved over to West into an apartment with the other Elders from the District that leaves the same time as us. My companionship has their own room because we have a trio which is nice. We play a lot of PIG at night with our B-Ball hoop hung on our fridge that one of Elders that left gave to us. When I walk over to get the mail with Elder Christofferson, I generally take a peak at the Provo River which is like 20 yards from the fence. I haven't seen any fish yet. Swiss Days sounds good right now, gettin me some of those Navajo Tacos and Twister Lemonades! Man I miss that. Good for Austin! Tell him congrats from me ok Mom. I miss you and love you all! Mahal Kita!
Love, Elder Akins

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